Sihanoukville travel experience: Travel, accommodation & play what?

Beach Sihanoukville – dubbed the most beautiful beaches in Cambodia lies Xa Xia border gate in Ha Tien about 150km. Famous beaches with blue waters, white sandy beaches, the coastline with beaches stretching about 20km.

In particular, the right to mention the Occheuteal Beach and Serendipity beach is located in the central area, is home to many holiday homes, hotels, bars, restaurants, cinemas, shops … in particular, with the exciting nightlife and gourmet BBQ sold along the coast.
More travel from HA Tien crossing here or from Phnom Penh to feature a convenient easy. The article below will guide you to the most detail about the move, where to stay, eat and visit in this beautiful island.
Sihanoukville travel experience: Sihanoukville tours fun, where to eat?
Sihanoukville Beach-was dubbed the most beautiful beaches in Cambodia.
 Means to Sihanoukville/moving to Sihanoukville?
Come experience Sihanoukville 2017, best to go by road to Sihanoukville. There are two way to Sihanoukville is:
SAIGON-> Hà-> Kampot-Sihanoukville >
HCM-Phnompenh-> > Sihanoukville
Method 1: SAIGON-Hanoi’s First > > >-Kampot-Sihanoukville (580km)
From Immortal to Sihanoukville: 180km
How to connect bus routes are as follows:
+ The night bus from Ho Chi Minh City-> Hà Tiên (travel time is 8 hours)
+ Airport Kumho is the only option to travel from Ho Chi Minh City, have both moved from the central bus station to HA Tien gate Beams Alone 10 km from HA Tien vehicles. (you can change the date, cancel a ticket even took the ticket and payment)
Ticket price: $175 k (couches) and 190 k (beds).
Run time: evening: 20 h 30, 21 h 30, 23 h.
Sihanoukville tourist self-sufficient, you should choose the best online 21 h 30 on normal days. For the holidays should go at 20 h 30 because there is usually jammed ferries should have to travel earlier.
Sihanoukville tourist self-sufficient: travel guide to Sihanoukville by road
Bus from HA TIEN to Sihanoukville
 Select the bus from HA TIEN to Sihanoukville (duration 4 h-5 h)
When going through the gate Prek Chak had a lot of access to Sihanoukville. If you see the car slightly green old note should not ride. Because this car very crowded, cramming more always stop.
Means to Sihanoukville, the sight has a new signature yellow car Sihanoukville-Kampot is the car of the travel agency. You should pick this car, but not much. The highest price from the gate to the Sihanoukville is $10, you should check and see if the car has run straight to Sihanoukville doesn’t stop along the road or bulky cargo. Reviews airport total: From 245k to 375 k.
= > the advantage when moving CITY-> Hà-> Sihanoukville >-Kampot.
When moving in this way, you will save time by going dark and ride to Sihanoukville in the afternoon (about 10 pm to 11 pm).
Suitable for those you don’t have much time and want to save costs, because Hotel rentals sleep 2 nights on the airport.
With this move you can combine with go to Kampot.
However when the ride from HA TIEN to Sihanoukville in this way is limited, you will have to do the customs procedures when passing through the gate. The road is mainly the way the Earth, dirt. Hard to find good bus to go from gate to Sihanoukville.
Method 2: SAIGON-> Phnompenh-> Sihanoukville
With the way the ride from Saigon go Sihanoukville, you must go 2 day trip from CM-Phnompenh and from Phnompenh to Sihanoukville.
HCM-Phnompenh > offers:
South $8 fares, revelation is the quality good, the car has private dining the home you should choose this car home. Ticket address at no. 163, Le Hong Phong, Q5. Phone number: (84-8) 38 383 399-0903 643 301.
Sapaco fares from $12-14. Good quality car, free air conditioning, are served with drinking water, medical services and home insurance car.
Sorya, lift the night 12:30 go to Cambodia. If this car maker will go more advantages when the morning buses from Phnompenh to Sihanoukville.
Phnompenh to Sihanoukville (230 km-4-5) contains the following cars:
Capitol 7:15 8:00 9:00 12:30 13:30
Paramount 7:00 8:00 10:00 13:00 15:00 17:00
Sorya: from 7 am to 17:45 every now has 1.
= > When passing through HA TIEN, you can also combine with the location as: Ho Nai or Sea Jelly is also popular destinations.
Good hotel, nice quality & in Sihanoukville, So where in Sihanoukville
Good hotel, nice quality & in Sihanoukville: in hotels would when travelling Sihanoukville best?
Featured facilities, hotels in Sihanoukville
When travel Sihanoukville? You have so many different options, if there are rủng cost rỉnh can choose the high-end hotels such as: OC hotel, Cambodia’s resort, Serendipity, … at a price ranging from $35 upwards. (If going into the high season price may be higher)
 Or choose from these cheap hotels in Sihanoukville as: Zana Beach, On The Bay bungallow,.. Nice, convenient location, clean rooms, with rates ranging from $10 to $35 per room.
To save costs for the phượt you can Sihanoukville, select Hostel/dorm/cheap guesthouse in Sihanoukville. In it, is to mention the hostel Utopia have prices from $2/person, have pool or Apple guesthouse cost about $7, located near the sea Occhehtuel.
= > to choose for themselves the good hotels, you can reference: good hotel, nice, cheap in Sihanoukville, Cambodia
Places to visit in Sihanoukville’s beautiful, famous/where to go play in Sihanoukville?
Sihanoukville travel experience, where to go & what’s interesting game? Below, are the famous places in Sihanoukville you can reference and choose for themselves the ideal destination for:
+ Kbal Chhay waterfall: this is beautiful and famous waterfall, located about 20 km of Occheutuel. If you follow the large group of people, can hire a tuk tuk ride to move valuable or $15 motorcycle $5/day.
+ Sea Otres: famous with water, clean and pristine with appropriate holiday resorts. Move to this beach City Center about 7-8 km. If more than the best time you should spend the night here.
+ Sunset in Independence port is also one of the beautiful places in Sihanoukville. You can ride a tuk tuk or rented motorcycles to watch the sunset here.
+ Trekking national forest: not only a workout, you can see the landscape of forests, birds. Or buy tour trekking in the $20 price travel or trekking alone.
 + Tour 3: tours Sihanoukville what play? You can choose to go tour 3 small islands include snorkelling, eating … Price $15.
Eat something delicious, attractive when travel Sihanoukville?
Sihanoukville tours-experience the tasty dishes in Sihanoukville
Rich cuisine, unique in Sihanoukville.
Sihanoukville travel eat delicious? To enjoy the true taste of Sihanoukville delicacies, you should select the bars along the beach on Serendipity. A plate of food here include 3 grilled shrimps, fish, squid, pork … are priced from $3/productivity. A fresh beer price $0.5, cocktails from $2.
Sihanoukville tourist guide self-sufficient, you can also buy fireworks (fireworks only natural) to shoot the Fireworks tree/,1$; or can also drop the lamp with a $5 price. If like the quiet atmosphere, you can go to the night market has a famous grilled ribs dish Kampuchea coke, reviews from a $5.

Tourism Sihanoukville beautiful beaches and famous in Cambodia, a destination of many tourists love. You can go to any point in the year of the ideal. You can also enjoy the delicious dishes, seafood specialties. If traveling Sihanoukville in peak season, you should be booking early to avoid “tight guillotine” on prices.

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