The special festivities in Hong Kong should attend when travel

Tourism Hong Kong festive season is a great idea that pole. You not only have the opportunity to learn about the customs and culture of the rich, but also enjoy the delicious food, enjoy the special promotion of tourism companies, hotels in Hong Kong dedicated to foreign tourist.

Hong Kong is one of the 10 tourist attractions in the world. However this is a expensive country not inferior to what Singapore. Therefore, if you are intending to travel to Hong Kong this year, the Hong Kong tourism experiences following bargains will help you at least that much.
-The media to Hong Kong: there are 2 ways for you to be in Hong Kong:
Travel: the majority of tourists are choosing to come to Hong Kong. From the Tan Son Nhat airport and had Hanoi for much of its direct flights to Hong Kong International Airport, with fares from 250-390USD/person/day trip, such as: Vietnam Airlines, Air Asia, Cebu Pacific, Jetstar, Singapore Airlines, Thai Airways, Cathay Pacific …
Take the train from China to: many tourists do a tour from the Mainland to Hong Kong by speedboat. After traveling to China they will buy aircraft or train ticket to Hong Kong.
-Transport in Hong Kong:
In the inner city have a lot of media types for you to choose from, such as Taxis, motorcycles, bus, tram and MRT. But according to the criterion of experience tourism in Hong Kong, the best bargains you should ride the bus or the MRT.
The necessary experience to travel Hong Kong self-sufficient
 MRT in Hong Kong is quite simple, fast payment way is also simple. If the MRT in Sing in Hong Kong the Ezlink card use Octopus, this card can also be used for all public transport in Hong Kong. But the high price will double the bus but the speed is faster, and more convenient.
The bus in Hong Kong is like in Vietnam that, so you are not too difficult to ride the bus here. But the special point of the bus of Hong Kong is that it has 2 floors and louder bus Vietnam. When using it you feel like you are in the middle of London. The bus here operate up to 1 h night.
1.Brilliant Festival Tai Kok Tsui
The Festival of Tai Kok Tsui is an annual Festival in Hong Kong, held on the annual 2/3 in Tai Kok Tsui on the Kowloon peninsula. So, if you want to join a colourful Street Festival this you go to Hong Kong in early March, at the same time remember the airfare, train tickets and hotel rooms for about 1-2, before going, by this festival that attracts a lot of tourists in shifang.
Travel Hong Kong a vibrant Street Festival season-special festivals in Hong Kong
Each year, the Festival of Tai Kok Tsui has a different theme. But the themes are all allegorical Humanities, humane and revolves around the life, the culture of the people of Hong Kong. Travel Hong Kong Festival season Tai Kok Tsui will be immerse in the special and rich cuisine. At the same time learn more about actions in life.
2.Bizarre Festival Dumplings
May said the Festival Dumplings at the Pak Tai Temple, Cheung Chau, Hong Kong is exotic and exciting Festival for the Festival in Hong Kong. This Festival is held from late April to early age May. So, let’s travel Hong Kong Festival season at this time to witness one of the planet’s most exotic Festival.

Travel hong kong explore the festival dumplings
Festival dumplings is the most exotic Festival in all the traditional festivals of Hong Kong
Highlights of the main tower is Dumplings household dumplings made of plastic was placed very high and the men will race each other on up on the tower to get the plastic covers that cake down. In addition you also be voyeuristic with the lion, lion dance, performances of martial arts legend, … while enjoying many buns with a variety of entertainment, and delicious cuisine, the other famous street food exhibition and flea market.
Connoisseur’s Wine Festival-Festival of The Wine & Dine
Annually, about the cuisine of Hong Kong will organize a Festival for the wine connoisseur, entitled: “The Wine & Dine”. This Festival is held in November each year and usually lasts from 4-7 days.
When the Hong Kong Tourist Association, The holiday season Wine & Dine Festival you will admire and enjoy more than 310 famous wine brand of more than 18 countries around the world. In particular, in the framework of the Festival there are many culinary promotion, wine tours, themed exhibitions, performing arts …
3.Exciting Dragon Boat Festival
Dragon Boat Festival is usually held to coincide with the new year Sweet Decency in Hong Kong. So, if you want to attend the Festival the most heroic of this fragrant Harbour, Hong Kong tourism Festival season at the time of the lunar new year tradition of the people of Hong Kong.
 Travel Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival season
Color travel Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival to immerse in the jubilant noise epic
Dragon Boat Festival is held at Stanley Beach, with hundreds of boat crews attended. The long colorful dragon boats from 50-100 size is controlled by dozens of Beefy man, with yelling, cheering of the spectators will prove you do not have a traditional festival in Hong Kong again exciting and heroic as the Dragon Boat Festival.
4.Many colors on Mid-Autumn Festival
Annual 15/8 day is time Mid-Autumn Festival in Hong Kong. With the sense that Union members, so the Mid-autumn Lantern Festival in Hong Kong hosted a very elaborate and monumental.
 Travel to Hong Kong to attend the Mid-Autumn Festival special
Travel Hong Kong International Autumn festive season you will spoilt point and selfie in streets brimming with colourful, lantern type, shape. Not only that, you can join the celebration lights drop flower posted the yellow coated, romance and the sense that you just seen on film; enjoy the delicious teas and other types of traditional cakes; the special Dragon & lion dance; magnificent fireworks programs. …

Also many special Festival should attend when travel to Hong Kong, such as: Buddha’s birthday lanterns Festival, Carnival, Winter Festival, … But if you’re new to Hong Kong first then try to travel to Hong Kong on the festive season over here.

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