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Although located near the “hot spots” of the war as Lyban, Syria, the Gaza Strip, but Israel is still one of the best non-tourist world customers, especially pilgrims. If you are intending to travel, pilgrimage of the Holy Land, Israel travel experience safe 2017 for here is very necessary.
Israel is the country located in Western Asia in the Middle East, in the South-Eastern Mediterranean coast and borders with the Northwest of the Gulf of Aqaba. Israel has borders with Lebanon to the Northwest, Syria to the Northeast, Jordan to the East, Egypt to the Southwest.
Israel has two official languages are Arabic and Hebrew. Judaism is the religion with the largest number of people living to join Israel, followed by Islam and Kito. The remaining religions constitute less than 5% of the population of Israel.
Should travel to Israel at the time?
Israeli travel season is the most beautiful? Israel has a Mediterranean climate with short winters, but cold and much rain; the long summer and very hot and dry. January is the coldest month in Israel, may even be falling snow with average temperature from 5-12° c and August is the hottest month with average temperatures from 18-38° c. Between November and March is time Israel sank in the rain – 9 June, stretching is often no rain.
Therefore, Israel travel experiences cheap 2017, the most beautiful and the best time for you to travel to Israel last November to early March is around the following year and from last March to the end of July.
Need the procedure, what papers to travel to Israel?
Tourism in Israel are required to have a visa, passport
Travel to Israel safely and smoothly, you need to prepare your visa, passport and return flight ticket. For visa, you can apply at the Embassy of Israel in Vietnam (Thai Nguyen University 68, Ba Dinh, Hanoi, Vietnam) or by the travel company, company dedicated to quality, prestigious visa do households.
For a plane ticket, then you should set the return ticket, early booking. In Vietnam there is no airline would fly straight to Israel that are in transit and some cheap airline that you can choose from:
-Hanoi: Vietnam Airlines, Korean Air and Asiana Airlines. Fares fluctuate about 1317-1703 USD.
-HO CHI MINH CITY. Ho Chi Minh: Transaero Airlines, CSA Czech Airlines, Emirates … Ticket prices ranged from 966-1664 USD.
Currently, Israeli tourism not receive tourists travelers, so you must take the tour or group, at least from 5 people upwards. Therefore, an Israeli tourist experience, save that you should take the tour of a travel company or if not then let’s make some people also are looking to travel to Israel to form unions, but must still have employees holding group guide you.
Should stay in Israel
Hotels in Israel is very diverse, from demotic to modern. Depending on the purpose, needs and economic conditions that you can freely choose the hotel yourself. If you take the professional tour, you don’t need to worry about this issue, because the travel company will worry most for you from A-Z. Also if you take the crew self-sufficient then some experience booking hotel when traveling to Israel will help you a lot:
-Should find out information and booking hotels online booking pages like, …. more hotel booking instructions.
-Hotel reservations as soon as possible. Should choose the hotels near the Center, the price could more than a bit high but safe, quality and good service.
-When booking hotels, ask them about the services not in the introduction. And remember to ask them to offer car rental services, breakfast, and guided tour or not.
-If not in hotels, you can rest home, homestay, but Israeli travel experience, the quality, the best you should still pick a hotel to stop.
Where and what to eat when traveling Israel?
The tourist attractions in Israel
should go play tourist when Israel? Despite being a country with a relatively small area with 7-8 million people, but Israel has a lot of tourist attractions appealing. Which must including:
Travel Israel so where / hotel pretty good price should stay in Israel 
The Old City of Acre (Akko).
Dead Sea.
Red Sea in Eilat.
Lord Jesu hometown of Jerusalem.
Great Lake Galilee.
Mount Tabor.
The city of Tel Aviv.
The food and dining venues, shopping in Israel 
Travel Experiences rewarding Israel, save the most delicious food when traveling Israel should try eating something delicious, Where is the Israeli tourism?

Israel travel experience self-sufficiency, the barbecue and salad Tabbouleh Shawarma 2 famous dishes and specialties in Israel. You can enjoy this dish 2 in any restaurant in Israel. But remember that restaurant, you do not have word kosher newly barbecues slightly. By Kosher means do not eat live animals.
In addition, you should also enjoy the traditional cuisine of Israel as: Blintzes, Latkes, Shishlik, Kebab … At breakfast, Israelis eat salad, cheese, olives, bread type of Israel, juices and coffee, you should also try to eat breakfast this their signature slightly.
Israeli tourist shopping when
Zone Armenia is home to many shops, most communities in Israel, where you can delight to choose, admire and buy these lovely souvenirs, quality and diverse types.
You can also visit the outdoor mall for pedestrians in the Nahlat Shiva and Ben Yehuda. Here you will easily find fashionable clothes, souvenirs, carpets, shawls and decorative objects …
Some Israeli travel experiences self-sufficient, other safety :
-Israel travel experiences, then if you go to Israel by airlines of IL then please prepare psychologically, because you will be asked a lot of things, if there is a red mark of passports in some countries of the Arab masses will be asked more, not even on a plane if we suspect is not safe.
-If you are a devotee of the meat, then take note and avoid the restaurant has the word “Kosher”. By “Kosher” means do not eat the meat of the types of live animals and dairy products.
-The majority of the tourist attractions here are both sacred and religious culture of the people of Israel. So you please dress politely and discreetly.
-Security in Israel are very good, also the transportation is very convenient. You can use public transport or car rental.
-Remember to haggle when buying in markets and shopping centres.
-Very friendly Israelis and naivete, voice to. So you can ask for directions or to ride very easy.
-The weekend is Friday 6 and 7, which on Saturday was the day sabat, all public facilities, offices, supermarkets, will be closed from Friday afternoon off off Saturday afternoon. Private zone the Arabs then still open of the Center as usual.
-When out in public, people you may check baggage, but very fast.

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