The secret of Copenhagen tourism experience, cheap, save

Upon arrival in Copenhagen-the capital of the Kingdom of Denmark you will instantly captivated by the architecture of “unique” fairy “, a variety of colors; be surprised when a centre of culture and tourism-economic European juggernaut has many bicycles; is attracted to the variety of breads and Danish world famous beer. Refer to the experience, know-how, Copenhagen, Denmark, travel bargains and savings for to discover the special attraction of the “bicycle city, the city’s cake” this convenient and fun.
Copenhagen has four distinct seasons, each season has the charm, according to the tourism experience in Copenhagen, Denmark, convenient, enjoyable and safe, then the best time to purchase travel tickets include.
Time travel Copenhagen, Denmark the most wonderful and appropriate
May to August: time travel, the best and most wonderful wonderful Copenhagen. By the weather, the climate not only pleasant, warm, that the annual activity, art, entertainment and attractions also began opening up to welcome tourists (especially for games June 7). This peak travel time of the year. So, if the Copenhagen travel in this time period, you should book flights and hotel rooms in advance about, 2-3.

February and August: If you are a fashion lovers and enthusiasts of the cinema world, the February and August is the time of the Copenhagen tourist ideally for you. June 2 in Copenhagen takes place so many festivals, including the fashion week is the most prominent. August is also the month of the week movies for free, you can see the blockbuster movie or classic movie without loss.
When to travel Copenhagen, Denmark the most favorable?
December: Is the peak winter travel months in Copenhagen. By the time the Copenhagen tourist the most vibrant with Christmas atmosphere pervades throughout the streets, shops, bars, homes …

From Vietnam, currently no airline would tap a direct flight to Copenhagen, Denmark, that you have to transit flights of the airline: Air France (transit in Bangkok and Paris), Deutsche Lufthansa AG and Thai Airways International (transit in Bangkok and Frankfurt), Quatar Airways, Singapore Airlines (transit in Singapore and Frankfurt). The majority of the airline were landing at the international airport of Copenhagen’s Scandinavian.
Also if you are in Denmark’s Jutland peninsula, or any of the nearby city of Copenhagen would then you can ride the bus or the tram route Copenhagen tourism: island of Funen-> island of Zealand-> Copenhagen.
Ticket prices usually range from $1,200 to $1,600, depending on each airline. But if you take just the promotions, discounts, incentives and golden hour of this airline and tickets as soon as possible, you will save a bunch flight expenses. Experience the latest airfare travel cheap Copenhagen, Denmark, and saves you the additional right and his travel.
The vehicles and guides move visiting Copenhagen, Denmark
Copenhagen but is a dynamic and modern city but very high use of green environmental protection vehicles such as bicycles and public transportation such as bus, tram and Metro.
The move means buying guide, sightseeing, travel Copenhagen, Denmark the most convenient
-Bus and tram: bus and tram system in Copenhagen is quite favorable, timely and modern. The public transport network are present in the famous tourist spots should go to visit when traveling to Copenhagen. The prices are also pretty cheap, you can buy tickets at vending machines automatically at the airport or station. However, because the sights in Copehagen also quite near each other should follow travel experiences, sightseeing and explore Copenhagen, Denmark then fun, convenient public transport is not the means of visiting Copenhagen ideally
-Bicycle: upon arrival in Copenhagen, surely you will be very surprised by here there are many bicycle, bike more automobiles, motorcycles, even have separate lanes for bikes and hour, you can bring the bike up an additional Metro fare. Perhaps that’s why Copenhagen was dubbed the “city of the bike or city bike”. Here you can rent a car at the address, tourist information Tourist Information or join a free bike loan program of the city.

-Walk: Copenhagen is quite small, so the tourists experienced travel Copenhagen, cheap and self-sufficient fun often choose to walk the “means” the most amazing to visit, discover beautiful Copenhagen, dreaming.
-Travel, sightseeing of Copenhagen by the media? Bicycles and walking are transportation, explore Copenhagen ideally. You can reach the tourist information Tourist Information for bicycle maps and map to walk to visit Copenhagen. On the map there was marked by more than 30 points so the walking tour, you can be comfortable visiting without fear of trouble.
Should booking hotels would when travel Copenhagen, Denmark?
Besides book flights sooner should hotel booking, accommodation, would travel to Copenhagen is often of interest. As well as other tourist places in the world, the system of hotels, vacation homes, Dorm, Homestay, … in Copenhagen is very diverse and rich, depending on the financial capacity and their travel needs, which you can select the address stay senior, mid range or budget, cheap in Copenhagen.
However, whatever the chosen form of stay would then you should also see all the hotels in Copenhagen, Denmark or any online booking page would prestige, quality. By according experience and travel food self-sufficiency in Copenhagen, favorable and safe travel, fun then you should book a room before going to Copenhagen, to cater for the employment visa, is to avoid the fire condition in the room in high season, is enjoying these incentives, promotions and save costs in travel hotel reservations Copenhagen.
The majority of hotels, vacation homes, Dorm and Homestay, … Nice, cheap, quality and safety should be in when travel Copenhagen, Denmark all have full facilities, clean, free wifi, breakfast, convenient travel and sightseeing, some also have city tour service, a bar, a coffee …. the prices range from $12 million to 800,000 VND/room/night ($ 36-$ 541) , as the type of stay you choose.
Should booking hotels would when travel Copenhagen, Denmark?
A number of hotels, holiday homes should be in Copenhagen that you can refer to:
Luxury hotels: Copenhagen Apartment, Bella Sky Hotel Comwell Hotel Copenhagen, Europahuset Luxury Apartments
Midrange Hotels: The Square, Best Western Mercur Hotel
Cheap hotels: Hotel Neptun, Copenhagen Strand, Tivoli Hotel
 The famous tourist sights should take when travel Copenhagen, Denmark
Mostly the architectural works of art and exhibition areas, amusement parks, beach … For example:
The famous tourist sights should take when travel Copenhagen, Denmark
The podium of the round Tower-Rundetarn.
The old quarter, the colorful buildings and winding in the South of Christina.
The Church and the old church Frederikskirke Jade Christianborg.
The exhibition and the Museum: the Danish national exhibition, the Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek painting exhibition, Ordrupgaard Museum, contemporary art museum Arken.
The Tivoli amusement park, the gardens and green parks Have the Jacobsens J.C. Frederiksberg Have, King’s botanic garden …
Cluster of palaces and castles: Rosenborg Castle, the summer palace and the Winter Palace Amalienborg Charlottenborg.
Experience culinary discovery feature Copenhagen Denmark travel tubercle
Copenhagen’s city bakery, by here you can find a variety of cakes, from the bread, cakes, donuts, biscuits, butter to cream cakes, pastries … in all the shops, streets, alleys in Copenhagen. In it, the most famous was the rye bread (Wienerbrod and Smoprrebrod)-traditional dishes can not eat when the Copenhagen tourist dining self-sufficiency and enjoy specialties.
These delicious dishes not to be missed when travel Copenhagen, Denmark
Also, the delicious food and beverages must enjoy in Copenhagen, Denmark, also the Danish beer, cheese, sausage, chocolate …

The address and cheap shopping experience when Copenhagen travel
Copenhagen has a popular shopping centers such as Fields, the store in IIIum and Magasin du Nord, the Stroget pedestrian street …. However, Copenhagen is a city, expensive shopping experience when traveling cheap Copenhagen, Denmark, and saving then you should not shop here. Also if you want to buy souvenirs, then you should to Stroget pedestrian zone.
The souvenir should buy gifts for loved ones your friends when traveling to Copenhagen where you can buy such as: bread, cake, sausage, chocolate, candy, kitchen tools, traditional souvenirs in tourist areas ….
With the experience, know-how and guidance handbook for tourism, visiting Copenhagen, Denmark cheap, self-sufficient, fun and safe, advantageous over here and experience the Danish tourist, hope you will have a perfect Copenhagen travel plans and most excellent. Please share your experiences and photos Copenhagen tourism in General and other attractions you’ve ever traveled with us and other readers.

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