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Zurich is considered the most populous city of Switzerland. Situated at an altitude of 409m above the sea, the northern end of Lake Zurich in the center of the Swiss plateau.

Travel time Zurich most convenient/should travel to Zurich on time?
Zurich in areas with a temperate climate and four distinct seasons, so the choice of travel time Zurich is not too difficult.
If you prefer to see the flowers, you can go into the spring, sunny and rainy weather has created conditions for the plants bloom. If visitors to Zurich in the summer should note the storm in the evening, this is also the very thing with these Asian countries. So summer is the time of the Zurich tourism didn’t fit.

The fall in about October is the time most beautiful Zurich tourism visitors can go. This time the weather is cool not too cold and too hot, natural grass flowers during this time also covered a very nice golden color.
Guide to buying cheap airfare when traveling in Switzerland
There are many famous airlines so you can move as: Air France, Qatar, British, Singapore Airlines; Thai Airways, Vietnam Airlines … or the Swiss airline Edelweiss.
We don’t yet have the airline would fly straight Vietnam-Switzerland should you required to perform the flight through a few stops as Doha, Abu Dhabi, Hong Kong …
 Swiss travel experience convenient, you can consult the travel schedules of Switzerland from Vietnam:
-Hanoi flights-Zürich: every day will have 29 flight of 22 existing airlines such as Etihad Airways; Qatar Airways; Singapore Airlines; Thai Airways; Austrian Airlines; Vietnam Airlines…, with the total flight time is 19 h 21 h and I stopped in 2 stops. The fare per leg agitated time.
Swiss travel experience safe
-Danang routes-Bern: there are 6 airlines tapped in the airport such as: China Eastern Airlines; Vietnam Airlines; SilkAir; Korean Air; Dragonair launches; Cathay Pacific Airlines. On average 1 day 46 flights in this leg. Flight time from Danang-Bern about 16-19 hours.
-Flights to Ho Chi Minh City-Geneva: every day there are about 29 flights of other airlines such as: Qatar Airways; Malaysia Airlines; Vietnam Airlines; British Airways …
According to experience the latest cheap flights, you should consult on the official website of the airlines and you should reserve tickets for about 1 -2, to get the best price.
Choose travel time Zurich impressed
The choice of means of travel/travel travel to Zurich Zurich?
From Vietnam visitors easily subscribe flights of the airline, Vietnam Airlines, Thai Airways Intl, Air France, Bangkok Airways to Zurich.
With modern transportation system, easy to use, you can take a bus, tram city tour daily from 5:30 am to midnight.
In addition you can choose the means for individuals to travel to Zurich as the bike, or car rental. But the Zurich tourism experience to save then you should not rent cars because of high gas prices and scarce parking. You should just bike or taxi can be rented if desired. In addition to touring on the lakes and streams of tourists also easily rent a boat excursion.
Experience the choice hotels in Zurich
As well as the Nordic tourism or travel in Switzerland, the Zurich House cost about $70 to $100 range. In addition to the high-end Hotel Zurich has fairly high prices. According to the experience of booking travel Hotel Zurich then you should check and booking on the website booking online.
The prestigious online booking page now to mention This is the General page all the hotels and hostels all over the world. If you regularly track on the page will have promotions or discount rooms at the time of travel. This is also an experience cost savings when traveling abroad that dulich9 like to share to you.
Some suggestions of guesthouses, hotels in Zurich, nice quality, cheap
Apartments Swiss Star Marc Aurel: Badenerstrasse Albisrieden-Altstetten 362, 9., Zurich
His room each night: $76-$ 116
The hotel comprises 54 rooms equipped with full amenities and furnishings. If guests stay here will be very convenient for travelling around the city and easy to visit the Zurich tourist attractions.
Anwand Lodges: Anwandstrasse 10, 1. Rathaus-Hochschulen-Lindenhof-City, Zürich, room rates per night: $87 with pretty nice interior, comfort and quality of service are also very amazing.
In addition you can refer to the comfort and price, the current preference of 204 hotels in Zurich.
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The city of Zurich by night
Visit the impressive Zurich tourist attractions
Despite being dubbed as the Swiss financial capital, Zurich attracted many visitors and art lovers thanks to the Museum system and unique cultural festival. Stable political, socio-cultural environment, the education system, entertainment … so the city of Zurich is considered cute city for the world.
You can visit the famous Zurich tourist attractions such as:
-Museums such as the Museum Rietberg, Museum Landesmuseum, Kunsthaus Museum, the Grossmünster, Fraumünster Church.

Places to visit when traveling to Zurich
-Zoo Zürich Zoologischer Garten: with over 3,000 specimens on display
-Picnic in the Bahnhofstrasse shopping and Lake Promenade and Lindenhof Hill.
Zurich’s favorite dishes, Eating what, where when the Zurich travel
Switzerland is famous for the different bread types and products from fresh milk, yogurt and especially chocolate. When travelling to Zurich you also easy to enjoy the chocolate bar.
-Made from raw milk and raw milk chocolate, delicious cream of them stand on the world’s most delicious goods. So you enjoy Swiss chocolate and buy on making gifts to loved ones, it would be great gift after the Zurich trip.

Tourism Zurich an ideal location that you should not be missed when traveling to Switzerland. Visit this beautiful city you can not only enjoy the delicious dishes, specialties, but also explore the beautiful places, unique. Note, you should learn about transportation before going to have a safe trip, fully offline.

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