Some chinese travel experience

Go to tour China in particular or any tour would you should also implement the request of the delegation about the time focusing as indicated. Before the exodus, you should remove the bag some Chinese travel experience to avoid unwanted things happen in his travels.
1. Time travel
Can come to China around the year because Chinese territory which stretches much of the region and there are many activities taking place throughout the year. Chinese travel longer depending on the location you wish to, you like enjoying how climate … China is a large country with many regions climate and scenery. The climate of China is also very diverse. The North has a harsh winter climate with Arctic type. Central has a more temperate climate. The South is mostly sub tropical climate.
Beijing’s cold and wind in the winter, the dry, hot summer sun is best in spring and fall. From December to February, you come to Beijing will terrible cold, and July to August in Shanghai will be rainy season so if you travel won’t be distracted.
Autumn in Beijing starting from October, at this cool climate and attractive autumn scenery with ancient mystical landscapes and romantic. Mild, sunny with clouds of gold leaves spread across the great wall, on the mountain, the tombs, palaces, parks … to delight guests.

2. Entry and exit
When travelling China you must fill out the declaration procedure of XNC and customs according to the template provided at the international airport. When entry into China then fill out the entry form provided on the plane (or at the gate for entry if going by road) and a quarantine Declaration. You remember the XNC declarations and customs declarations to when about to be used. When you exit not carry papers and documents of the Agency, the party and the State, explosives, weapons and other prohibited materials. The fresh fruits are not to enter China. As stipulated by Vietnam customs, each individual when exiting: don’t bring too 3,000 USD if fly. Not be carried 5 million USD, and the USD 500 too 5,000 NDT. The mobile phone, camcorder, professional type cameras need a clear declaration, sign on to the Declaration XNC.
3. The luggage
Do not carry the sharp metal objects such as knives, scissors, spoons, forks; explosives, weapons and other prohibited materials. Avoid buying about Vietnam the same items or violent toys for children. Due to money dry is high, you should bring the table is SOAP. Bring toiletries: medications, hair dryer … (if necessary). When traveling to China you should bring the necessary personal items such as toothbrushes, oral, facial, shaved … Evening weather cold in China than in VIETNAM so you should bring lightweight jackets. Pay attention so that the map was just enough and compact. You should bring clothing suitable to the climate from 3° C-15° C, low shoes, type type selection has come because of the walking legs of familiarity. Electricity 220V – 245V. In most hotels, socket on the plug only three square adaptor, if need to charge the battery for the phone, you should bring the drive switch Jack (Adapter).

4. Hotel
When traveling to China in general or to travel Shanghai, Nanning … generally when on Express, you note, check if it is damaged or missing must notify HDV know, if not upon check out you must compensate for the map is corrupt or missing that you didn’t cause.
If the use of dining furniture is available in the hotel’s refrigerator, using the hotel’s phone, you have to pay the cost incurred to the hotel upon check-out. When going out of the hotel, you should bring the hotel’s Card (usually in the address and a map) to prevent stray himself up a Taxi to the hotel. You should also ask for the phone number of handheld HDV.
5. Food and drink
When the Hong Kong China travel you should prepare a little dry food such as sesame salt, rousong, ramen … precautions you don’t know eat soy sauce, more food. Usually the dish when Chinese tours were styled flowers, eat soy sauce. China does not use the sauce, soy chili. The food, including boiled vegetable. You should bring the food, dry as: Sesame salt, delivered the package, pasta … the room when the food does not taste.
6. Stores
Commodities in supermarkets, please compare the price and the sale price supermarket difference each other quite a lot. When shopping in China, you choose and bargain prices (because of the sale of the CHINESE customs say very high). When go shopping should carry a small computer. Even in HDV has entertainment help you shopping, you should also note the considerations and reference prices before buying, avoid any unfortunate misunderstandings occur.
7. Other notes
+ In mainland China, no need to spend much money to “tip” for staff.
+ If need to buy Oriental medicine, be careful the source of drugs to avoid money, should go to the pharmacy, large, many customers buy … avoid the small shop, cheap price.
+ When shopping at retail points, should consider, prices carefully, preferably should go to the supermarket.
+ In the southern Chinese province of Guangxi, Guangzhou has more Chinese guides are very good at Vietnamese. But in the North as Shanghai, Beijing is less. Many attractions are sold manuals or documents in English. If there are conditions, should learn about their local data will come while in Vietnam.
+ About sanitation, in the tourist areas like Palace, Temple, Memorial Temple … the toilet was tight. If who spit, litter the streets, urination is not true where the regulations will be punished very badly. Also in communication, visitors should avoid talking or referring to the “sensitive” issues related to politics, the problems on the border, the history of war. The Chinese much prefer you ask about their culture.
+ Note: money should check carefully when receiving money rot by comparison with real coins themselves are. Especially with regard to large denominations

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