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Under the charts at Business Insider, Japan is a tourist attraction, “no-can-get-through” in the year 2017. Not just beautiful, the country Accommodate Tang also attracts tourists by its unique culture, unseen. Dulich9.com Please share some experience travel Japan 2017 self-sufficiency, savings so you have a great time in the country of the rising sun.

Best time to travel to Japan, Japan should take when?
Japan is a temperate country, summers are very hot, very cold again, snow even more. Therefore, Japanese travel experience our 2017 time most beautiful, the best fit for the visit to Japan is in spring and autumn. Specifically:
Travel Japan
-Should travel to Japan when? You should come to Japan in bloom to be sitting under cherry blossoms, enjoy a bit of sake, the traditional Japanese dishes and see the cherry blossoms in the wind. Bloom time is last March to mid April range (depending on the weather each year). Remember, the cherry blossoms will bloom early in the South than in the North.
-About October to early November is also the ideal time travel Japan. Not only has the air cool, pleasant, to Japan at this time you also admire the spectacle has 1-0-2, which is the entire South to North of Japan will immerse in brilliant red color and charm of red leaf tree. This is also about the time Japanese people go to enjoy and take photos.
-If anyone has missed the cultural charm of Japanese Fireworks, let’s go travel in summer, last July to August games. Lots of fireworks and the spellbinding beautiful coast is waiting for you there. You can find information on festivals and holidays in Japan chemical bombardment on some site like Wikipedia-Hanabi Taikai, Matsuri-guide …
Moving to Japan/vehicles in Japan
The plane is a fast and convenient means for can help you travel to the country of sunrise. Some Japanese travel experiences self-sufficient when buying plane tickets to go to Japan:
-First you have to make a visa before. Unlike Sing or Malay, wants to travel Japanese version you are required to have a visa. So, let’s do nớ before the trip about a month.
-Hunting tickets cheap sewing machine: If you want a cheap Japanese tour and save, then take the hard “Hunter” flights. Go to the website of some Japanese planes such as Air Asia, JAL, ANA to register mail with them, when there is a discount or voucher information attractive they will inform you.
-Select the flight to go: there are 3 cheap plane airline and fly directly to Japan’s Air Asia, JAL and ANA. 2 airline must fly round and transit is the China Airline and Cathay Pacific. Depending on the condition and the cheap tickets you hunt is that the choice of the airline flying. If the better-off can you go Vietnam Airline.
-Buy travel insurance: most of Vietnam tourists are no problem with the concept of buying travel insurance. But in fact it is quite necessary in case your lost belongings or flights canceled suddenly.
Transportation in Japan
Japan is a country that has a public transport system modern and innovative. This system in Japan including the high speed train, Metro and bus. You can choose any means to move. But remember to put a taxi if you want to have a save trip, by taxi in Japan the most expensive in Asia.

Below, are the vehicles when travel to Japan:
-First, though moved by what means then you must also buy a map its move. You can buy this at the station or the station ticket sales.
-You can buy tickets at the Tokyo subway Tokyo Metro route with prices from 160 JPY and Toei with prices from 170 JPY.
-There are 4 ways of payment for use of public transportation: bus tickets, cash (buy in car station), card ID card (can buy at stations that sell cards), cards (tickets in semiautomatic. But Japanese travel experience on the cheap then you should buy for convenience of card ID card available for the move, but also cheap price.
-If using the bus then go and point to the right top of the car, you pay attention to not getting in the wrong line. If don’t know ask the same bus stop with you.
-If the subway then ask staff to sell tickets and bring a map, they will mark the point to go, and how to catch the ship for you.
-The Japanese very high personal freedom, therefore, when using public transport you should not make noise, when car down press the Bell out the front door and wait for the car to stop, then down.
How to Book cheap rooms in Japan, So when traveling to Japan :
The booking experience when traveling to Japan to reservations early, as the cherry blossom season or red leaf color. It is best to you thanks to the online booking sites as agoda (refer to setting the room on an agoda here). Or consult some professional tour operators, because they are people who know best cheap hotels in Japan.
Japanese travel experience on how to put in the room is that you should choose the hotels, close to Metro, bus station to facilitate the move.
In addition, you should also select the hotels according to the traditional style of Japan to experience some of their traditional culture.
Some cheap hotels, convenient, good security is we select below:
1. Cheap, budget hotel in Tokyo should in
2. Good hotels, senior in Kyoto
3. Beautiful hotels in Osaka
Some tourist places/attractions in Japan
Japanese travel experiences self-sufficient, cheap, when visiting the tourist in Japan you should attach importance to the quality rather than the quantity.
Travel Japan should go? Please carefully plan and specific to his destinations, especially when you use the bus or the subway to move, the sort of tourist spots on the same online will help you save time and money on that block.
Don’t miss: the promotion for the beautiful, comfortable hotel in Japan as the Tokyo area, Kyoto, Osaka, etc may be 15-25% off from in July, click to view the details of the program as well as the images, services, reviews about the location, comfort, quality, etc.
Tourist should travel to Japan:

• Cluster of temples, the Temple in the Cultural Center 3: Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka.
• The residence garden, cultivating bonsai.
• Mount Fuji and the cherry blossom watching park.
• The tunnel over flowers Kawachi Fuji in Fukuoka.
• Hitachi parks in Ibaraki Prefecture.
• Bamboo forest in Sagano of Kyoto.
Shiratani Unsuikyo ravine •.
• Tottori sand dunes in Chugoku.
• Lavender flower farm in Hokkaido.
• Old Village and the village of Gokayama Zao in Miyagi Kitsune. …
The famous amusement park in Japan
Tokyo DisneySea: this is the top entertainment in Japan, with 7 gates on the pride of the people of Japan, this Recreation Area includes various topics such as: Port Discovery, Mermaid Lagoon, Arabian coast, the River Delta, mysterious island, ….
Tokyo Disneyland: attract numerous tourists in the world to visit, fun game. When visiting Tokyo Disneyland you will be member of the Disney characters, have fun with Mickey Mouse, Minnie mouse, Donald Duck, Pluto, … In addition, you also enjoy the famous cuisine of Japan at the booth. Or can also stores the unique souvenir.
Tokyo Summerland: Is the water park, with many unique and fascinating games. You will be visiting the artificial wave pools, join the pipe slider game interesting. Join the game water slide, a water phụn and many other fun activities. It has both the children’s play area, with exciting activities.
Yomuriland is a famous amusement park, where it is the appropriate destination for family holidays. This Park is famous for the 5 different gliders is Bowwow Coaster, Coaster, Coaster, Canyon SL and Bandit.
Besides this popular play area, you can visit many other famous amusement as: Nara Dreamland, Space World, Hanayashiki, Namco Namja Town, Universal Studios, ….
What to eat when the Japanese tourist, The famous delicacies in Japan
Travel Japan should eat? Featured Japanese cuisine is fresh food, the kind of bread, cakes, soup … If you still don’t know what to eat, let’s choose the typical delicacies in Japan here.
+ Sushi: dish is indispensable in Japanese meal special, on traditional holidays, sushi has many beautiful color flavor. Composed primarily of making sushi is tuna, squid, shrimp, cucumber, fried eggs …
 + Sukiyaki: famous dishes in Japan, featuring family cuisine. This dish is cooked right on the dining table by the thin beef slices, along with vegetables, tofu and noodles.
+ Tempura: this dish is typical of the country. But after sushi, but the Tempura has delicious taste characteristic is extremely loved by the Japanese. The dish is fried in vegetable oil, after being rolled in a mixture of eggs, flour and water. Along with the shrimp, fish and vegetables.
In addition, you can enjoy the typical dishes of the country of the rising sun as: Sashimi, Yakitori, Kaiseki Ryori, Tonkatsu, Shabu-Shabu …
Delicious eateries address in Japan you can refer to:
Restaurant Sweets Paradise
• Address restaurant: 160-0022 Tokyo, Shinjuku, Shinjuku 3-Chome, 26-6-FF Building B1F.
• Opening hours: Sweets Paradise open on all days of the week, in the time frame from 11h00 to 22 h.
Rokkasen restaurant
• Address restaurant: building 6F, 7F Sunflower, 1-3-1 Nishi-Shinjuku, Tokyo.
• Consistent service from 11h00 to 17 h 00 daily.
Yakiniku Champion
• Address: 1-2-8 Ebisu Shibuya-ku, Tokyo.
• Opening time: from 17 h to 0h30 the morning of the day of the week. Sunday open from 16 h 30 to 24 h.

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