Indian travel experience

India is a vast country with many religions and many different cultures can cause visitors confusion when first visited. Here is the note helps you get a smooth trip.
India customs regulations
-When traveling abroad, each passenger is allowed to carry baggage 20 kg and 5 kg of hand luggage allowance.
-Excess rules must pay the prescribed charge of Airlines: 8 USD/1 kg. You have to bring cameras, the camera has a large value, the tape drive should be content to have in hand bags and must declare in Customs declarations at Tan Son Nhat airport exit to not be closed when the tax return entry.
-Each passenger is carrying 3,000 USD, gold, silver and jewellery categories to bring on people not too privileged, then number 8 (Note: You should not carry Diamonds, gemstones have large values).
-Each passenger is allowed to carry on in the international duty free goods: wine sorts from under 1 litre, 200 tobacco cigarettes.
-Each passenger is free of Customs tax when brought into Vietnam with the total amount of goods not exceeding 300 USD (No appliances).
Note: you must not let the characters used as hung as gas: knives, scissors. … In hand luggage, or to a tape in your checked baggage. Absolutely not carrying prohibited of items when exiting.

India has now gone before Vietnam 1.5 hours.
The weather and climate of An extremely hot. The average temperature in Delhi from 250 c to 320C, from 260C to 340C in Lucknow. September is the rainy season in the middle are India.
The language
English & Hindi is the language of social communication at the level of Security, there is also a lot more than 800 other dialects.
The currency
-India: Rupee
-Only use the amount of water coming in all transactions, buying and selling. You can change money at the airport, in the supermarket or at currency exchange counters (Money Exchange). Absolutely should not exchange transactions with outsiders and should also not change money in hotels because of very low rates. You just bring the US dollar or currencies to change to Indian money.
-You should bring lightweight clothing, costumes have to iron out the fabrics to avoid having to pay fee laundry in hotels and just enough in time travel.
-Should bring low shoes, soft and compact (not recommended for new shoes to avoid foot pain).
In India use voltage 220 Volts. You bring the device to load the battery (film cameras, digital cameras, mobile phones, …) should bring the socket divided 3 finger to use.
-When you need to contact by phone, you can buy Phone Card to call international (guides will guide where to buy and use).
-Calling from India about Vietnam: 00 + 84 + area code (remove the zero head) + number
-Call mobile phones in Vietnam: 00 + 849 + 0 (1) xxxxxxx
Mobile phones are very popular in India. With a GSM phone (sim card type) can operate anywhere outside of North America, or “Global Phone” (works on all mobile networks), you will easily get your mobile phone number in any city in India. Mobile phones in India is very helpful and also very cheap.
-Hotels in An auto-lock door equipment Levels, when out of the room You just close the door is the door lock itself (do not click lock will be locked twice because despite the key also cannot open).
-The hotel upon check-in note check the rooms are adequate for two people immediately and without instructions, avoiding the case compensated hotels upon check out.

The cuisine
-The adherents of Hinduism absolutely not eat beef because they consider cows as spirit. The Muslims do not eat pork, but they love to eat beef.
-Like other Asian countries, rice is still the main dish in the meal of the Indians. However, a completely different way of cooking rice. The Indians retrieved the rice sautéed with oil or butter first, then new to the cooking water, when rice near the nine also for many other flavorings such as cinnamon, pepper … Besides the regular fried rice dishes, rice cooked with fish, there’s also chicken, vegetables. The majority of Indians when used right hand loading eat eat.
-In India, you should use bottled water and should not eat the strange food sold in the streets. The diet of Indians often has spicy, sour, càry smell (you can order extra food for herself if the food does not taste). During transit (forward) between flights, you yourself powered food for themselves.
-If in the delegation have any vegetarian guests please inform the HDV to set vegetarian diets.
-When shopping in India the majority of use of money, some duty free shops (DFS) can pay in USD, but rates are lower than the rates of the Bank.
-In markets, retail markets, flea market: you have to watch carefully for quality goods and have to pay the price. The goods in these places is very rich.
-In the supermarkets do not need to pay the price because there have been reviews listed, but for those in private rental shop in a supermarket (employees do not wear uniforms) then can still bargain.
-Transport in India is very diverse. In addition to time, if you need to move, you should use taxi vehicles have open counters and payment according to the clock to avoid unwanted annoying (should note and request the driver to open the clock if they did not do before the departure of the car).
-In addition, there are other public transportation such as the bus, the subway, but you should consult with local guides.
-Take the Hotel cards (guides will provide You upon arrival) to use Taxi every time to go self-sufficient programs to easily search on hotels when lost.
-Indian Muslims do not eat pork. The Security Level according to An Educational Level (the Hindu) don’t eat beef.
-When communicating, are in contact with the man, then to women. When communicating, then Hey, by hand, to 2 pieced together under the Chin, bowed and said “Lamaska” (Hello).

Money tip
Gratuity is a bonus for people who serve as HDV, driving, claim hotels (if they carry the baggage), mean (every morning before leaving the hotel), … Gratuity has become common practice for international tourists, usually 10% of the total value of products and services.
The Vietnam era in India
Address: 17, Chanakya, Marg, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi, India
Phone: (91-11) 23018059-23017119-Fax: (91-11) 23017714
Some other notes
-Communication In a public place, the Indians did not shake hands, hug or kiss. To respect or courtesy, people often greet each other by the type of light, must hand pieced together at the same time have my tilt head. The theme should avoid contact with the Indian people’s personal issues, hunger as well as the humanitarian aid from abroad that India received.
-Do not open the gift in the presence of the gift; no gift wrapping with paper white or black because it is considered the color of bad luck, instead you should gift wrapping paper blue, red or yellow. The gift should avoid donating are the fields flowers (often used for the funeral of the Indians). The Muslim concept that dogs are animals not clean so don’t ever donate map has a dog; Hindu devotees also cult of beef should the donation a gift made from cow skin is taboo. When going into the temple, you are not wearing or carrying the jewelry made of leather.
-Calling from outside the hotel, use the drinks in the fridge of the hotel, You have to pay. Free laundry in the hotel are very expensive. When out of the room and close the door should send the key at the reception of the hotel.
-You intend to split the convoy while traveling, please inform the tour staff before traveling. During the tour in the country, please don’t split the delegation to visit relatives. When are going to join the tour please don’t bring relatives not in list goes on tour.
-Compliance with hours of crew chief and announced HDV, any consequences caused by the delay of the individual must do that personally responsible to the collective group.
-In the belongings to the luggage at the hotel, please note carefully your luggage locked before leaving the hotel, not so to the map has a large value or money in the luggage to the hotel.
-Should keep informed of where to stay in hotel rooms when lost. Notice to Minister and HDV when not touring according to program and appointment point then.
-Always go according to the delegation, to avoid getting lost, not stop buying items that do not observe the Corps

-Don’t forget to bring the drugs from the home country as abroad each when buying drugs is to have the doctor’s menu and the prices are very expensive.

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