Green travel experience compartment weekend Suoi Tien

Tourist Area Green Chamber Suoi Tien has long been a destination famous fun of people in Hanoi and neighboring localities. Today I will share your travel experience compartment Green Suoi Tien self weekends so you can go get yourself a fun tour schedule the Green Fairy Spring Cavity most reasonable.

Blue Bay travel experience on Stream last week
Green Bay First-Spring Resorts have long become popular destination of people in Hanoi as well as the local vicinity. Today I will share with you the experience of Green Bay the stream First travel on self-sufficiency last week so that you can get yourself a schedule of playing Green Bay Springs First travel.
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Blue Bay travel experience cheap First Spring 2017
Few other hints:
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Travel Green Bay First season-Spring beauty?
Green Bay tour guide Streams first 2 days
The time to travel to Green Bay for the best is the First Spring in summer because water from the top of the mountain poured on quite a lot so you will be witnessing the scene launched white foam falls. Go into another season of water quite sparingly, just enough flows delighting human tear.
Guide the way Green Bay Springs First travel-going to the Blue Springs First Compartment
Cars: If a car travels to Green Bay the stream First travel from Central Hanoi, you go straight Long Avenue Road, go over the bridge Saddles Articles then go more about near-dozen km, you look signs to turn left into Green Bay tourism area Streams.
Map of Green Bay tourist Suoi Tien: guide the way to Green Bay, Green Bay First-spring travel
Map of Green Bay tourist Suoi Tien
Motorcycles: Do the thang Long Avenue does not allow motorcycles to go should you will follow the national highway 32 to Green Bay the stream first. You go to the Ho Tung Mau then go straight under the national highway 32, to fall Through the Pagoda to the 3 you turn left, continue to go and look at the signs to turn left into the Van. Note Please see signs to know Green Bay First-spring travel way because at every turn have signs in tourist areas.
The fare on the Green Bay tourism area of the stream the latest First
According to the latest information that dulichfun get the fare on the port of Green Bay Streams for higher current First from 1m2 upwards of 150,000 VND and height for children under 1m2 will be 100,000 VND.
Hotels, motels in Green Bay the first Stream
You travel to Green Bay that want to rest in the back, then take the Green Bay hotel reservations Streams (0433 9694 37) with room types and rates of tax are as follows:
Blue Bay travel eat sleep First Stream in any good hotel: sleeping advice in Green Bay the first Spring tourism area
Room type 2 m bed 1:1-2 m 4, break of day price break on e 600,000 1 night price 800,000 VND
Room type 1 m 6 beds, on vacation in 2:2 reviews on off nights e 400,000 reviews 600,000 VND
Room 3:2 types of beds 1 m 6, rested in the day the price of 350,000 VND, 1 night price 450,000 VND
Gym: 5 or 7 1m2 beds in 1 m, bed 700,000 VND, 1 day rest day-night price of 1 million per room
A. floors House accommodates 80 people, holiday: in the day 2.5 million, 1 day and night 3.5 million
Floor B: hold 25 people, break of day 1 million, 1.5 million nights day 1
Rent a tent, awning frames: rent the day the price of 200,000 VND/night 1 day rental, farm price 250,000 VND/camp

Places of amusement and fun game in Green Bay the first Stream
Dream Falls, Cascade Falls Hoa Lan, Raspberry

Blue Bay travel experience cheap First Stream: Stream Green Bay tourist ticket price First
Discover the beauty of the waterfall in Blue Springs First Compartment
Here are 3 great falls of the First Spring Green Bay tourism area that tourists very liked. The water from this waterfall in medium cool medium 3 back flow from the top to create the white water foam looks pretty extreme. Due to water flowing out from this waterfall is not too strong so you can fully enjoy splash right at the foot of the falls without fear of danger. Tour of Green Bay in the first Spring of this cheap, you should bring clothes to replace after bathing, in Green Bay have clothing rentals pool but found himself carrying the clothing will clean, safer is to hire other people wore linen.
Occult Supply Sound-Blue Springs First Compartment
Consulting a travel schedule for Green Bay First-spring savings:
Famous tourist places in Green Bay the first Stream
Sonic Mystery Arc-Green Bay tourism area of the stream First
This is where you’ll be embarks on world of underworld Cao underworld incredibly creepy dark, according to the tourism experience in Green Bay the first Stream of fun, convenient, weak heart who should not play this or want to play Let’s go with at least one person to help more. From the outside the door Sounds, you can see a Unicorn pointed teeth hoắt and the first image people have blood flow plus music quite the horror. The fare on their legendary streak Green Bay’s Pumpkin Supply Audio Streams now is the first 40,000 VND/weekly.
Vietnam’s largest hot mineral pools
Sharing travel experiences of Green Bay the stream the latest First
Hot spring bath in Suổi First Green Bay tourism area
This is where you can’t miss the travel schedule in Green Bay the first upcoming summer Streams. This tourism area management has cleverly leveraging sources of hot mineral water pure from Green Bay’s hot mineral springs to let tourists can dip in the warm spring waters and extremely good for health. Hot spring bath fare in Blue Springs First Compartment there is 200,000 VND/person for 1m2 customers from high above, children under 1m2, the price is 150,000 VND/person.
The wave pool was, swimming pool for children
Tour consultant visiting Green Bay Streams: where the fun attractions of Blue Springs First Compartment ?
Artificial pool in Blue Springs First Compartment
In the first Spring Green Bay wave pool for adult entertainment, this pool’s water is pure spring water should always be cool and water change constantly. The little boy has a smaller swimming area next to a depth less than the pool for adults to the little spoiled splash swim without fear of danger. This is considered the most crowded tourist destination in Green Bay the first Stream each day.
The Valley Of The Dinosaurs
Travel to Green Bay the first Stream: fun unique location of the resort Green Bay First-spring
Dinosaur Valley-Blue Springs First Compartment
The Valley of the dinosaurs is a famous tourist place in Blue Springs the First Compartment are the very baby is like. To the Valley of the dinosaurs, people will hear the sound roars of the dinosaurs and went into the forest of statues of giant Dinosaurs. The boy also was watching the eggs of the dinosaurs to how in Blue Bay travel itinerary this Spring. The fare on the Valley of the dinosaurs there is 20,000 VND/weekly.
Strong feeling in the game Green Bay First-spring
The game’s strong sense of Green Bay the first Spring tourism area
The game’s strong sense of Green Bay the first Spring tourism area
Blue Springs First compartment has a strong positive feeling the games have that taste is the carousel Comet, Air Max slide and swing speed in the pool. You play this game in Green Bay the first Stream is not weak heart, can withstand Vertigo will very horrible even nausea. Fare play two game swing there is 20,000 VND/weekly.
In addition, you can play the electric car crash with 20.000 VND/person tickets, massage service 150,000 VND/hour when travel to Green Bay the stream first.
Dining, gourmet restaurant in Green Spring First Compartment
Where to eat when traveling to Green Bay the first Stream: delicious food specialties of Blue Springs First Compartment?
Restaurant Blue Springs First Compartment
About restaurant in Green Bay tourism area of the stream with her but First strongly recommend eating at the restaurant because of the cheaper First Streams, mountain forest specialties menu is delicious and quite clearly have no price listing as the other eateries. The area of the restaurant is quite wide so that it can serve the needs of both the few companies, schools at the same time. The special dishes of Green Bay the first Stream that you should try that chicken is grilled, frogs, Deer Hill deep-fried vegetable, forest …
Note When traveling to Green Bay the first Stream
-Bring clothes come spring bath or bath pool is safe and clean for
-Should not go because of the high heels Sandals climbing, bring the shoes or sandals would tracks
-An experienced Green Bay travel is saving the First Streams you can bring food to eat right on the banks of the stream just cool fun medium.
-View the weather forecast before going to protect against rain

-So is his travel schedule guide Green Bay First Spring 2017 cheap for you. Happy people have a tourist trip to Green Bay the first Spring full of fun and don’t forget to share the travel experience of Green Bay’s own Spring for dulichfun as well as other friends after going out on me.

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