Experience and the Hong Kong travel guide cheap

Hong Kong is one of the 10 tourist attractions in the world. However this is a expensive country not inferior to what Singapore. Therefore, if you are intending to travel to Hong Kong this year, the Hong Kong tourism experiences following bargains will help you at least that much.
Apply for a visa to enter Hong Kong exit
To get to Hong Kong and the freedom of movement in the “Asian dragons” this you have to go to the Chinese Embassy in Vietnam to apply for a visa. Usually, visa fee is 450,000 VND/1 time of entry and be stay 7 days in Hong Kong.
If do not have the time or don’t know much about this issue, you can thanks to reputable travel companies please help.
 Travel Hong Kong self-sufficient
But that is more difficult than walking tour of a travel company. But travel Hong Kong self-sufficient again much cheaper than you think, you can freely explore, visit and experience the wonderful things of Hong Kong without being forced to follow a set schedule available as take the tour. The most important is that you are free to move, sleeping and eating what you like.
Airfare and hotel room soon
This is a travel experience in Hong Kong cheap that you must remember. Latest as soon as price cheap, moreover in again can put a good place, avoiding fire, pressed, and if luck still get the voucher promotion.
 A number of Hong Kong travel experience should know
An experience in booking and cheap airfare when traveling to Hong Kong you should remember are: registered mail to receive promotional information from airlines, the online booking site or hotel that you have chosen. With this, you will capture the exclusive promotions and use them to save a portion of the cost of travel for themselves.
If not are room and plane tickets early, you put in the penultimate hour, news hour lock Windows of hotels or airlines. By this point there will be some special promotions. Besides, when booking tickets remember latest type of return ticket to avoid the situation has come about, without affecting the planning your following.

Migration media
-The media to Hong Kong: there are 2 ways for you to be in Hong Kong:
Travel: the majority of tourists are choosing to come to Hong Kong. From the Tan Son Nhat airport and had Hanoi for much of its direct flights to Hong Kong International Airport, with fares from 250-390USD/person/day trip, such as: Vietnam Airlines, Air Asia, Cebu Pacific, Jetstar, Singapore Airlines, Thai Airways, Cathay Pacific …
Take the train from China to: many tourists do a tour from the Mainland to Hong Kong by speedboat. After traveling to China they will buy aircraft or train ticket to Hong Kong.
-Transport in Hong Kong:
In the inner city have a lot of media types for you to choose from, such as Taxis, motorcycles, bus, tram and MRT. But according to the criterion of experience tourism in Hong Kong, the best bargains you should ride the bus or the MRT.
MRT in Hong Kong is quite simple, fast payment way is also simple. If the MRT in Sing in Hong Kong the Ezlink card use Octopus, this card can also be used for all public transport in Hong Kong. But the high price will double the bus but the speed is faster, and more convenient.
The bus in Hong Kong is like in Vietnam that, so you are not too difficult to ride the bus here. But the special point of the bus of Hong Kong is that it has 2 floors and louder bus Vietnam. When using it you feel like you are in the middle of London. The bus here operate up to 1 h night.
The location to visit when traveling to Hong Kong
In Hong Kong there are many tourist places, depending on the number of days you intend to stay in Hong Kong that select and arrange for reasonable travel locations. According to Hong Kong tourism experiences self-sufficient, save then you should visit the following tourist attractions:
-Top of the mountain to the Pacific, where the Hong Kong’s most beautiful panoramas. Here are full of shopping services, eating and visiting. You can come here by bus, taxi or tram.
-Que play area Lan. If you like to play activities at night, then head to this neighborhood. This is the home of the bar, casino, restaurant …
-Sky 100: located on the tallest building in Hong Kong, from here you can learn about the history and culture of Hong Kong sized art galleries at the scenic night Hong Kong 360 degrees.
Hong Kong travel experience on the cheap
-Ngong Ping 360: If you want to learn about Buddhism culture and see the largest Buddha statue Hong Kong, then take to the Ngong Ping 360. In particular, in this location you can enjoy the rich and cheap shopping in Hong Kong.
-Avenue of stars: be sure when Hongkong travel you must come to the Avenue of stars, “Hollywood of the East”. By now, this is where to record the background of Hong Kong and the fingerprints of the once famous actors, especially the monument was erected in Bruce in the correct size of the truth.
-Disneyland Hong Kong: A recreation area can not visit when traveling to Hong Kong. Here you will be witnessed and met the famous character of Disneyland, at the same time experience the strong sense of great games.
-Marine Park: Not only the interesting leisure activities, Ocean Park also help visitors learn about the lives and mores of the animals of the North-South Pole, is the rare animal species only in the Red Book.
-The Star Ferry: essentially this is the name of a passenger ferry to Hong Kong Island, Kowloon peninsula, but this is a cultural memory of the past of the people of Hong Kong. The Star Ferry has been voted by National Geographic as one of 50 tourist places of all time.
-The night market: always the top choice of all the visitors when want to shop and enjoy the streets of Hong Kong. Some famous night markets such as: Ladies Market, Temple Street Night Market.
Food and dining on the cheap when travel Hong Kong

Hong Kong cuisine is very diverse and abundant. Like Singapore, Hong Kong cuisine is the synthesis of the traditional cuisine, Asian, Western, … combined. There are many places to enjoy the cuisine of Hong Kong. And according to Hong Kong tourism experiences self-sufficient, cheap then you can come to the following locations:
-Fast food: If you like to save time, money, the fast-food category, such as Mc. Donald rice, chicken, KFC, Burger King, … is the top choice for you. The price of each exported this meal in about 130-150,000 USD.
-Seafood: Hennessy Road and Sai Kung town is the home of the delicious seafood, store, cheap in Hong Kong.
Some experience not to be missed when travel Hong Kong
-Chinese hot pot: basically what do other Vietnam’s hot pot at all, but the taste is quite characteristic. You can enjoy this dish at the restaurant “Four Seasons”. In addition to the Chinese hot pot you can to Korean restaurant in Causeway Bay to eat hot pot and drop by the store to eat as fast as the Nation lost (Cafe de Coral) or Lumix to enjoy exotic special solo hot pot dishes.
-Spicy Crab: spicy crab can say is spicy dishes typical of Hong Kong. No tourists would be able to refuse the first bold, spicy taste, slightly sweet tongue throat of this wonderful dish. You can enjoy this dish at 4 clusters of shops Under Bridge Spicy Crab.
-Modern Toilet: this is a form of interesting restaurants and specialty of the cuisine of Hong Kong. All the dishes are in the shape of instruments for the WC. Come Shop 3B, level 3, MPM, 240-244 Portland Street, Mongkok to enjoy innovative cuisine and interesting. The shop is open 12 noon to 12 midnight. See also: China travel experience.
Above is some experience travel Hong Kong cheap, self-sufficient. If any readers have traveled to Hong Kong, then please share your experience with us and other readers. Have a fun trip.

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