Egyptian travel experience safe and save

Egypt is considered one of one of the greatest civilizations the world. In the great works of Persian literature “Thousand and One Nights” Perse writer wrote: “Those who do not go to Egypt is seen as unknown world. Where dust is made of gold. Nile here is a wonder. Where women are like angels. And other can not be because Egypt is the cradle of civilization humanity “. To Egypt you will be attracted by the beauty of the unique architecture and great stay.

Time travel/should go to Egypt when?
Travel Egypt should come in time? The period from June to August in Northern Cairo, Egypt very hot temperature, usually as up to 40 degrees, more dust, pollution and noise. So should visit in the winter, approximately from March to May, November to enjoy warm and convenient for travel.
The widgets should bring when travelling to Egypt
Eye glasses, sports shoes, these are essential when going out to the desert to move easily and avoid sunlight, dust …
Thin coats for the period from 7 p.m. to 10 a.m. the weather in Egypt are often quite cold.
Slippers or sandals because hotels in Egypt are no slippers and sandals to go camel riding.
Swimsuits and other necessary personal items such as toothpaste, shower …
Sunscreen is considered Egypt’s tourism experience 2017 or anywhere is also indispensable.
 What language should be used when traveling in Egypt?
Russian and English are the two languages be tourists in popular use in Egypt. most home store outlets in Egypt both said this is very good, however most of the taxi drivers here are not know Russian and English so you should also have the proper response in these cases.
Transport and travel when traveling in Egypt
Currently, from Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City have flights to Cairo (Egypt), from Cairo you move to tourist spots in Egypt:
Vietnam Airlines
Qatar Airways
Etihad Airways
Vietnam Airlines
Etihad Airways
So where in Egypt, good hotels, should stay in Egypt
Hotels in Egypt are varied in price as well as quality of service, depending on your needs. You can refer to a number of hotels in the 3 main tourist area in Egypt below: refer to how to set the room quickly, conveniently and save 40% at
Hotels in Cairo
Sofitel Cairo El Gezirah
Intercontinental Cairo Semiramis
Le Méridien Cairo Airport
Hotels in Sharm el Sheikh
Oriental Rivoli Hotel
Hilton Sharm El Sheikh Fayrouz Resort
Domina Prestige Hotel & Resort
Hotels in Luxor
Steigenberger Nile Palace Luxor Hotel
Sheraton Luxor Resort
Famous places to visit in Egypt, Egyptian tourism?
Mortuary Temple
Located under the cliffs at Deir el Bahari on the West of the Nile River, the shrine was designed according to the structure column ranges, the temple was built with 3 steps with a height of 30 m. These steps are connected together by a steep path. The temple is considered the place of worship of Hatshepsut after her death and paying into the glass for the god Amun.
The Bent pyramid
The Bent pyramid is famous places in Egypt that you shouldn’t ignore. Located at the Dahshur is the only pyramid in Egypt had the ball in the limestone outside intact and not deformed.
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Terraced pyramid of Djoser
First built by the ancient Egyptians, 62 m high with many terraced burial underground, hiding in a tricky tunnel.
Luxor Temple
Luxor is located on the East Bank of the Nile River in the ancient city of Thebe. This ancient temple is the center of the Festival of Opet-the most important Festival of Thebe. This is a fascinating tourist destination attracting many tourists to visit.
The Statue Of The Great Sphinx
Travel Egypt should go play? The statue of the Great Sphinx is located in the Giza Plateau, Egypt, it is one of the largest and oldest statues in the world.
 What to eat when traveling/enjoying the Egyptian specialties
Egyptian cuisine is very diverse and rich, the dishes have similarities with Asian and African countries. The Egyptians like to eat meat and barbecue, the fancy meats are chicken and lamb.
What delicious food when traveling to Egypt?
The daily dish of Egyptians is foul, this is the dish including bread and bean stew. Referring to Egypt’s traditional dishes are Ful medames dishes mentioned, Koshari, Hamam Mahshi (stuffed pigeon), Dawood Basha (meatballs), Mouloukhiya, Karkadeh-hibiscus Tea …
What to eat when traveling/enjoying the Egyptian specialties
Fresh fruits in this country is very rich as the fig fruit, berries, watermelon is a Berry … stress, vitamin-rich fruit juices like pomegranate, mango, banana, lemon, guava, sugar cane … The Egyptians also used the tea and coffee but usually very sweet.
If you want to eat the local cuisine, head to the restaurant or eat at the home of indigenous people. Always pay attention to what you eat and eat in any place whether it’s easy to find the gourmet restaurant in Egypt. If you don’t have much money, the vendors sell foul and ta’amiva will be the perfect choice (only about 5 tables of Egypt).
The important note when travel Egypt
Egypt is considered the shopping paradise, the item should buy here: antiques, carpets, rugs, fabrics and clothing, mosaic, jewelry, leather goods, perfume, seasonings … Store owners here are often invited to paddle very enthusiastic guests pull, so you should pay attention bargain price, if not buy should also prove fun attitude because the Egyptian people are very hospitable.
Drinking water in Egypt is very expensive, even in hotels, you also only supported free drinks in the evening, so you should bring a drink when traveling.
Sanitation in Egypt are usually not good, many travelers infested so you should bring drugs to avoid.
Egyptian men love praise women, you also should not be too simple because their defense is that they only praise the donation only.
Tourist spots in Egypt usually happens the status row tips customers demanding photography scissors, so you should stay away from, in the case of conscience you can give them a bit of money boa.
Tourism in Egypt you will admire the unique wonders of nature, along with that of culinary discovery of the pyramid also the enjoyable experience. Note When traveling in Egypt that is drinking water services are relatively expensive, as well as tipping service.

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