Cebu honeymoon travel should in any hotel, beautiful, convenient, good price?

You are planning a honeymoon tourist in the island of Cebu, the Paradise Island of the Philippines, but not know the booking in Cebu Hotel Nice, modern, comfortable, clean, safe, quality, good price and near the famous tourist destinations of Cebu? So, please consult the hotel below.

Cebu Hotel Nice, modern, good price
The hotel Cebu upscale, modern, nice, comfortable, good price, quality, variety, utility services near the Center, convenient traffic should stay for honeymoon travel Cebu here are the 3-5 stars are favoured and visitors appreciate. They are not only beautiful and romantic but also a fully equipped standard stars of international hotels, travel conditions suit the couple. Some will offer services honey moon and more incentives for young couples.
Hotel Red Planet Cebu
Room price per night from: 27 USD lowest (617,000 USD).
+ Address: 36 Archbishop Reyes Avenue, IT Park, Cebu
From the hotel, guests will take just a few minutes walk or a Jeep to the attractions-shopping-entertainment-dining of Cebu as the Basilica Del Santo Nino, Fort San Pedro, the Casa Gorordo Museum, Mactan Island …. especially, opposite the hotel there is a huge Shopping Mall, phcụ full service dining and shopping needs of visitors.
The modern 3-star hotel, quality, comfort, convenient transportation, good price should travel honeymoon in Cebu
+ General evaluation about hotels
“The hotel has a convenient location; modern design; small rooms, clean, comfortable and trang been fullest basic facilities; suitable for traveling couples, honeymoon travel, saving …. “is the comment and reviews of the guests stayed at the hotel 3 stars of quality, modern facilities, convenient transportation, good price should stay when honeymoon travel Cebu.

But no Red Palnet Cebu service facilities such as outdoor swimming pool, spa-gym, massages, … but in return service attitude of staff is very professional, comfort and agility. They are ready to help you book a tour or tutorial how to move to the main tourist destinations of Cebu. In particular, you will get a free breakfast or have a romantic dinner if here in his honeymoon.
Hotel Marco Polo Plaza Cebu
Room price per night from: lowest 84 USD (1,887,000 USD).
+ Address: Cebu Veterans Drive, Nivel Hills, Apas, Lahug, Cebu, Philippines.
Located on Nivel Hills, Marco Polo Plaza Cebu is one of the nicer hotels, high-end, contemporary, comfort, quality, good service, beautiful room views, suitable for honeymoon travel, travel young couples are booking more Cebu travel.
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The best hotel promotions
From the hotel, guests will only take a few minutes to walk to the private beach of the hotel. Famous attractions such as the Magellan cross Cebu, Taoist Temple, Phusian Park, Lahug i. T, … also in quite close to the hotel. In particular, within 1 km radius around the hotel there are many restaurants, good food and cheap.
The beautiful 5-star hotel, modern, advanced, beautiful sea view, suitable for honeymoon travel in Cebu
+ General evaluation about hotels
Your comment: “great hotel from the location, service, food, staff attitude, to price; a good hotel for a perfect vacation; will still go back; private, quiet, beautiful scenery, romantic; spacious rooms, clean, nice facilities …. “
Hotel rooms: there are many types of rooms for guests to choose from. The rooms are very spacious with a living room-bedroom-separate toilet, clean, luxurious, cozy, quiet, comfortable, fully furnished, large Windows, and offers rooms facing the sea or the mountain is very beautiful.
Utility services: Spa-gym, children’s play area, in-room massage, souvenir shops, chain restaurants-cafe-bar offers not only delicious food but also has a very beautiful view.
= > more information, photos and reservations in Marco Polo Plaza
Hotel Mandarin Plaza
Room price per night from: lowest 41 USD (917,000 USD).
+ Address: Archbishop Reyes Avenue corner Escario Street, Park IT, Cebu, Philippines.
Perhaps, Mandarin Plaza Hotel is one of the few 3-star hotel, modern, comfortable, quality, good service, great views, convenient transportation, good price, near the famous tourist destinations of Cebu are preferred and the most room in Cebu are the visitors appreciate and have the quality of a 4-star hotel.
From Hotel Plaza, Madarin can easily move to the Ayala Centre shopping center of Cebu, Ayala Centre Terraces, Asiatown IT Park, Casino Filipino ….
The 3-star hotel, modern, comfortable, quality, good price, great service, nice clean travel honeymoon should stay in Cebu, Philippines.
+ General evaluation about hotels
Hotel rooms: simple, neat, nice, clean, spacious room-bedroom-separate toilet rooms and fully equipped with modern facilities. In comparison with the standard 3 stars, Mandarin Plaza Hotel’s rooms really too great.
Amenities: “but quality 3-star hotel and 4-star service” is the General evaluation of the visitors have been staying at the 3-star hotel, with modern facilities, clean, quality, convenient transport, suitable for honeymoon couples and tourist famous Cebu. The hotel offers guests a swimming pool with great views of sky, chain restaurants and a cafe with many unique dining options, a spa-gym-sauna dry, well … ready to serve guests 24 h. ….
Hotel Radisson Blu Cebu
Room price per night from: 98 lowest USD (2,191,000 USD).
+ Address: Serging Osmena Boulevard Avenue, the northern mining Region, Cebu, Philippines.

Radisson Blu Cebu is one of the beautiful 5-star hotel, luxury, upscale, modern facilities, suitable for couples and honeymoon travel is famous for Cebu.
The Cebu International Convention Center, the Cross of Magellan and the Basilica Minore del Sto Nino, Cebu City shopping, Weesam ferry, the ferry Cebu, SM City Cebu Shopping Mall, … just a few minutes walk or drive.
Luxury hotels, high-end, modern facilities, good price, Nice was the favorite couple and booking more when honeymoon travel in Cebu, Philippines
+ General evaluation about hotels
Your comment: “hotels, luxury, beautiful, too good and excellent in comparison with money; suitable for a perfect honeymoon travel… “.
Hotel rooms: in addition to the utility services and conditions, quality of the room standard superior 5 star hotel, modern facilities, luxurious quality, good service, beautiful travel honeymoon in Cebu, Philippines, 400 rooms of the Radisson Blu Cebu also offers additional iPod dock and cable TV.
Utility services: large pool, unique; gym gym-spa-sauna dry; recreation area; and the chain of restaurants, cafe, bars, sky view or by the pool offers visitors the varied dining options, rich.
Also a lot of Nice hotels, high-end, quality, good price, modern facilities, convenient transportation, beautiful views are much appreciated and should be in when travel honeymoon in Cebu, Philippines for you to choose from. In addition, please refer to the more general the Philippines travel guide helpful here to take a tour of Cebu is safe, convenient and fun.

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