Iceland cheap travel experience, all the details

Iceland is located within the Arctic belt, formed by the volcano in the submarine volcano lying under the sea are active. The center of the island is cold plateau area. Over three hundred thousand inhabitants of Iceland was born in sốngchủ, including nearly half live in the capital Reykjavík. The capital more than a thousand years old and means Smoke Bay Frost. As the name, the city had a little dream, a little something ancient and most architectural style are simplicity, pretty small. The people of Iceland does not need the massive works by magnificent nature where it has enough people to be overwhelmed.
At the airport exchange counters and some cash crops. But coc rate variances compared with little Bank. So, you should estimate the amount of money your face will target and change money before traveling, to withdraw money in automated teller machines.
In Iceland the shop, restaurant, … all can use visa, master for payment. So when travel in Iceland you should prepare before the cash room when needed, the rest you should use international payment card for convenience.

Travel time Iceland’s best
Many visitors mistakenly believes Iceland only forever steeped in the white of the snow and freezing cold year round. But it also has the full 4 spring, summer, autumn and winter in years. With warm spring, a cool summer, a bit chilly fall and East to the hill with the snow white everywhere.

Iceland spring begins later than usually from April to June. This time on Board will longer than night, the number of tourists is also less will get you many opportunities to discover Iceland with cheaper costs. In the spring, when there is a lot of these full-color flowers start blooming created a peaceful, vibrant scenery, you will have the chance to see the Aurora in the sky at night in Iceland-a natural phenomenon that very special. Also during this time, the flight schedule will be limited, so if you intend to travel to Iceland this season, you put the tickets in advance.
Summer is the high season for tourism in Iceland, officially starting from June to August. This time, Iceland has very warm weather without even hotness, sunrise on the horizon would make an incredibly vivid landscapes and beautiful to you admire. You can easily book tours to Iceland, buy a plane ticket to go to Iceland at this time. Song, as if wanting to experience the feeling of tranquillity, the quiet moments to be concentrating admired the beautiful nature, admire the landscape of Iceland, then you should not choose to come here in the summer.
When the weather was cold, the start type of the service was starting off and limit the number of foreign visitors. Night is longer than day, gradually at the end of September will continue to appear for extreme scene you see. The POOJA the way up will eventually plateau is limited by the Snowflake is gradually falling. You can travel to Iceland this time with a more affordable cost.
Very cold, everything in Iceland are freezing, the people of Iceland to go East in other countries had avoided the warm climate than in the eurozone, or they go well as long term travel in other countries.
Means to Iceland
From Vietnam, you can just come to Iceland by plane. If not you can fly to Europe and cruise the sea off Iceland despite the safety will be lower. You can also choose to buy the air tickets of the airline’s international flight or the flight to Denmark, Norway and Iceland to continue flying.
When to travel to Iceland, you can move by car, bus and ferry. In particular, if you want to go to the nearby Bay area to admire the landscape of special săc you can take the ferry
Gastronomy in Iceland:
Gastronomy in Iceland have long history. A very important component of the culture and cuisine of Iceland’s lamb, fish, and dairy.
Þorramatur is Iceland’s national dish, to be eaten January and February to a tribute to their ancestors. This dish consists of many different components.
The popular dish in Iceland is the Hákarl, graflax, slátur, skyr, hangikjöt.

The Iceland tourist attractions
Come to Iceland, you can learn and take part through the following places:
-The capital Reykjavik & Blue Lagoon
The capital of Iceland have a life of up to thousands of years old, with a population of more than 300.000 people. The capital Reykjavik alluded to the great period of beautiful mountains in Iceland are always steeped in the mist of smoke and cold of the snowy State. From the capital, you take only half an hour by bus to contemplate the majestic natural beauty as the Blue Lagoon, which is the largest hot water lake in Iceland. The land still traces of lava has created Emerald Green featured in this hot water lake. You can be the hot mineral water bath at places allowed and are enjoying the spectacle of nature is exceedingly great.
-Spot lights on the mountain
Auroral optical phenomena is extremely unique, colorful rays runs down over night. They are born because of the interaction between particles of electric charge from the solar wind with the upper layer of the atmosphere. Bright multicolored strips of constant movement and change as light silk strips of the sky.
-Golden Waterfall Gullfoss
Iceland has more than 10.000 waterfalls, including the Golden waterfall Gullfoss is located on the White River originates in the Lake Havibạn Langjokull tape is considered the most beautiful in the world. In winter you can enjoy the waterfall is frozen with the White Ribbon, on 2 floors extremely majestic waterfalls.
Iceland travel expenses

Monetary unit of Iceland’s Krona (ISK) and is one of the currency exchange rate is quite high, 1 EUR before only 90 Krona exchange. However, since the world economic crisis of 2008, Iceland’s economy severely affected, and prices plummeted Krona, 1 EUR can be exchanged for 150 Krona. Therefore the cost of travel is cheaper Iceland for ever. We can choose spa package tours with affordable prices than either can self-travel to discover the beautiful landscapes of Iceland, as well as great shopping opportunities.

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