Singapore travel experience self-sufficient, cheap

Singapore, renowned as a modern country, beautiful, clean and the most secure in the world. Have to say, this is the ideal destination for those travel dusty enthusiasts, especially you ladies. Please refer to the Singapore travel experience 2017 self-sufficient, cheap to have a safe, memorable medium bag medium.
According to statistics from Singapore’s tourism, have on the 50% of visitors return travel to Singapore after the first trip to this country.
Singapore is regarded as the “Asian dragons”, emerged with the large commercial centre. In particular, the location is situated between the busiest cargo hub, Singapore is the ideal destination for visitors.
Prepare dust while traveling in Singapore?

Go Singapore should bring? Please bring the stuff actually needed and the list of those regulations are allowed to bring their immigration. For example:
Clothing. The climate of Sing and Vietnam. So if in Vietnam are the summers bring summer clothes over Sing you. You go how many days are flexible, don’t carry excessive, not needed. The best footwear should wear sports shoes and easy 1 1 pair of cardboard.
Cup noodles and should bring the salary to dry. Save that.
Toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, SOAP, bath towel, Cap, medications, phone …
Passport: extremely important, missing it you not to Sing. Please do before the trip about a month.
Identification, money (already converted money Sing yourself).
Foreign language: Singapore travel experience first, who Sing mostly in English, Sing and Malaysia. The best you should have a little bit of the English capital. By when through the door of entry in Sing you will be asked some questions such as: Why do you come here? (Through this do?); For how long? (Here a few days?); Who do you come with? (With whom?); Do you have family here? (Someone’s home here?) … If no answer is, most are women, the 80% that you must return to Vietnam. In addition, English is also very handy when you ask the way, book lodging, dining, … in Sing it.
Case you do not want to travel Singapore self-sufficient or also difficult in the procedures, travel, visit, you can choose a tour Singapore to go with the right price.
Singapore travel experience
Go Singapore should bring?
Select the time for the trip, Go to Singapore?
Should travel to Singapore on time? Singapore is a country that you can travel to any time of the year. However, the trip to add meaning you should to at times have the festival here as:
Taipusam, a Festival of Hindu people place on about February of every year;
The Singapore Food Festival in April. This is also the ideal time travel to Singapore.
Great promotional season into June (You would like then please go to this time).
July and August are very few visitors so you can negotiate cheaper prices for dining room and when to Sing. This is 2 months should follow Singapore travel experience of our cheap.
Avoid to Born on May, 11, and 12 January. By this time Sing was covered by forest fire smoke and rain lasting value.
Singapore travel guide
Should travel to Singapore?
Note When the export/import scene in Singapore
Problems exit in Singapore
You need to be at the airport before check-in 2 hours.
To note on the luggage specified portable carry and depending on the airline, ticket price.
You may not bring too 7000 USD from Vietnam and 200 SDG when immigration to Singapore.
Not carrying the metal items such as knives, scissors, cutlery … You should not buy the same toy to donate to children.
Do not bring water or any liquids would Board the plane.

Note entry Singapore
Singapore immigration experience, you should be prepared sufficiently in advance all the necessary papers such as passports, round-trip air ticket (paper print from email), information, hotel rooms.
Declarations of entry you need to specify on how long residence time and in hotels would (this is a matter of Customs will ask very carefully nhé)
Be confident to answer with the information from the customs. After finishing the Singapore immigration procedures you need to enlist to search the information from the “Information”. Select the map and promotional information needed.
Should buy gifts at the Changi Airport on the last day, the goods are tax free.
Travel in Singapore/transportation in Singapore
From Vietnam to Singapore
Now there are a lot of moving aircraft carriers between Vietnam and Singapore which you can choose, such as Cathay Pacific Airways, Singapore Airlines, Vietnam Airlines, Jetstar, Tiger Airways. Singapore travel experience of our cheap 2017 then you should choose Tiger Airways or Jetstar. Price of return ticket of 2 airline out no higher than 2.5 million USD where the you.
Besides, to buy return ticket to go Sing, you keep track of the session reduced the price of the flight. And best to buy tickets before you go about, 3-4. There was a lot of hard discount ticket hunt you should only have to pay 2 million USD for a round-trip travel statements Sing come on then, please study.
You can also save money on air fare by night ticket hunt. By night tickets will be cheaper at other times very much. Once off the plane, you can stay at the airport until the next day. So just save airfare, saving money in the room one night.
Moving in Singapore
Tells you the travel experience Singapore save for
A đồtàu from the MRT Singapore
You should move with the public facilities such as: Taxi, bus or Metro (MRT). But the travel experience in Singapore, the dust is the best you should move with the MRT, by means of this cheap, safe, fast and convenient for in Singapore.
Only with the MRT you can navigate to all the famous tourist attractions in Singapore. In Sing, MRT has 3 main routes with 3 primary colors, each color and the name of the line is the direction that the MRT will run: North South (red), North East (purple) and East West (blue). Therefore, you need to pay attention and arrange the same color for lines and save time, money when visiting tourist spots. At best, you should buy a map at the airport or railway station MRT MRT. If do not know where to ask those who take MRT, they will tell you.
3 Note When MRT is:
Station name: include abbreviations of your name and the order number of the stations. For example, the name of the station you start is Little India (NE7) and station name you must down is the Newton (NS21). You have to remember this if not go wrong online.
The name direction: right on the hull.
The transit station (interchange): there are some stations as hubs between the online should you need to really pay attention.

MRT will stop at 9 h and the bus is 24 h, you should pay attention to avoid missed his flight and have to move by Taxi, Yes (would be very very expensive).
Travel guide in Singapore by MRT without losing time waiting every time the transit ticket then you should purchase the EZ Link card available. This card has a time limit of 5 years, to be used multiple times and used for a variety of public facilities in Sing as: bus, train, Monorail … not every MRT. You can purchase the EZ Link in the subway station below the airport for about $250,000.
Where to go to play in Singapore, to see beautiful, well-known in Singapore
So where to go when traveling to Singapore? Because the cost of sightseeing and entertainment in Singapore is relatively high, so you should choose the free attractions in Singapore here.
Marina Bay: this is you can visit Merlion Park (where two of five statues Merlion-the country’s iconic Singapore). Here, you can take pictures with the Esplanade, Singapore Flyer stands unique buildings, Marina Bay Sands.
So where to go when traveling to Singapore?
Sentosa Island-famous places in Singapore tourist attractions when visiting the island of lion. You will get a free ticket on the island, except for monorail tickets off the island. Here, you will be visiting the Merlion statue, bathing and spoiled stores.
Famous places in Singapore
Sentosa Island
Clarke Quay is the restaurant, bars, cafes with unique architecture and colorful.

Famous places in Singapore
Clarke Quay
In addition, the places to visit tourist attractions in Singapore the other also you should not skip like:
Raffles Hotel: this is the famous 5 star hotel, but you can absolutely no references. You can visit the lobby lounge, the Museum inside the hotel and the writer’s Bar.
China Town and Little India area: here are two live inhabitants of Singapore Chinese and Indian, you can come visit and find out the life.
Sri Mariamman Temple: this is the oldest Hindu temple in Singapore is located in Chinatown. This is a free entrance to other temples is the Thian Hock Keng Temple.
The Church of St. Andrew and the Singapore Art Museum, the Museum for free entrance on Friday night, from 18-21 hrs.
Singapore Zoo: this is the best zoo for kids, are extremely unique designers. In particular, the animals are well cared for in the open space, no cages confine.
Jurong Bird Park: home to many rare birds including the rare bird species, including the Penguin. You can walk along the bridge to the treetops and for Parrot food.
Botanic Gardens: a large garden steeped Green right in the heart of the bustling city. The garden is very large and has many interesting points for the kids playing around, you can tell the kids to the children’s discovery Garden.
Address, delicious eateries in Singapore crowded you can consult for your trip such as:
Golden Mile food centre (No. 505 sugar Beach)
Maxwell Food Centre (Kadayanallur Street no. 1)
Culinary center the way Haig (Haig road No. 14):
Bedok Interchange food centre (No. 1 Bedok)
Zion Riverside food centre (70 lines of Zion)
Makansutra Gluttons Bay culinary Center (number 8 Raffles Avenue).
A few notes to Singapore
-Vietnam visa exemption for people when travelling to Singapore within 30 days.
-When traveling to Singapore, you should bring your visa/master card to book tickets or hotel online will save a not small expenses.
-Try to use the right hand when shaking hands, giving/receiving gifts, … with people Sing. Because according to them the only user left hand hygiene.
-Leave shoes outside when going into the homes of people who Sing and just smiling women Sing instead of shaking hands.
-When people Sing the Exchange “business card”, then take the receipt with 2 hands and attention across before abandoning it in the bag. This is the way of expressing respect for them.
-June-12 peak travel month Sing, so if going to book tickets and book the room in advance some three months.
-Please consult the front desk or the landlord homestay Free gifts to people Sing before.

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