Korean travel experience

Korean – kimchi country where tourism with beautiful scenery and great culture. No stranger to visitors is Island Naomi, where filming context Korean film “Winter Sonata” and the island jewel of love Jeju sweet for the couple. Especially Seoul with palaces Royal splendor, Dong Dae Moon market, Nam Dae Moon bustling, easy to buy ginseng, cosmetics and fashion.
Seoul welcomes us at 7:30 a.m. by the cold breeze of fresh but some of the other in the face. Suddenly the tiredness of night flights disappear anywhere, startled to recognize themselves really have come to Korea!
Korean immigration procedures but not too complicated but somewhat time-consuming, because the number of entry a lot, especially for tourists from China. After nearly 40 minutes queuing for a visa, we went down to the basement B1 feeder train ride (free) to the entry into the Main zone, customs procedures and baggage. Then moved by train and subway to the hotel.
Their hotels in Myeongdong Guesthouse Chloé, how the stream flows across the city center 3 minute walk around the many delicious eateries are cheap, generally very satisfied! Although slightly smaller room but affordable and complete service, including breakfast, tea, coffee, kitchen, kitchen utensils, rice noodles to cook for themselves as long as the user must clean up after …

Day 1
To the hotel at 10 h but until 15 h check-in should be so we decided to go in the luggage search map breakfast, quick play over time.

“There are new areas” should we out the gateway hotels, choose the largest area restaurants for breakfast. Because the owner did not know English, so we’re getting next to the desk, call kim chi soup included rice part meat stew and countless other miscellaneous dishes to line Yes, continue exploring Seoul.
The first point of their tour groups when arrive Seoul is Gyeongbokgung (Palace of Gospel Scene-is the largest Palace, located in the Center). Bukchon Hanok village are bored play and then square Gwanghwamun.
In the evening, after resting is planning to walk the dining area, Young Avenue-culinary, shopping streets are just a 10-minute walk to his seat. After the Munich full belly is tokpokki 1, oden, sundae, takoyaki … correct 11 hours late at night we’re new to the hotel to rest in preparation for the journey of discovery to Seoul the following day.

The costs for the trip:
+ Visa Fee: $20/person (440,000 thousand)
+ Book hotel rooms: 3 million/2 person/6 nights. Computer output is 1.5 million/person/6 nights.
+ Flights: 5.9 million per person/round trip
+ Meals: before you go changing his 5 million was about 270,000 won to eat.
+ The cost of a subway ride: ~ 800 thousand.
Day 2
Wake up at 8 am in the forecast-2 degrees, a pile of thick clothes armed cộp district, down to the floor below in a hurry to eat a few slices of bread, jam, I started up the road to visit Changdeokgung Palace/past Changgyeonggung, one of the most beautiful Palace in Seoul, which you should visit.

Changdeok is which features South Korea for with the architecture of the Palace and gardens are kept almost intact the traditional style. The Palace was recognized by UNESCO as a world cultural heritage site in 1997 and the sights “expensive” for some of the points mentioned above. The ticket price if you only visit the Palace area is 3,000 won, but if want to explore both “secret garden”-the Secret Garden, will pay an additional 5,000 won.
After visiting Changdeokgung is finished, we walked through the gate the Secret Garden to keep unions away discover Huwon gardens. Huwon required must go according to instructions, the way will be a 30-minute tour, on a door to a door took about 90 minutes to lose about, tour. Sun is cold winter nights host, on the way the leaves fall and the frozen lake, but it’s still very beautiful. If going in the fall will also nice more urbanisation.
His next destination is the Sinchon. Sinchon area near the University, so the price from eating to shopping are all very affordable. In it, the most outstanding points in the Sinchon which you should visit is the Ewha Women’s University.
Ewha Women’s University is the University’s largest and first female Seoul, located on steep slopes with broad campus and monumental design, at the foot of the slope is the small streets with the roads intersect, which is the busiest trade cosmetics, clothing, shoes, accessories … The prices are very affordable, usually 1 or 1 handbag brand shoes in the water price sale games 10,000 to 15,000 won.
I’ve spent all afternoon to afternoon in this area to hang out around the streets, Juke into the small alleys hunt map and junk food. After hang out shopping and middlemen in love pretty things aspect ratio TVs near the Ewha Women’s University, we continue to ask for directions to the Gwanging Market (Also in the Sinchon area) to dinner.
Also the evening’s journey out of the station subway under the basement and then wandering the mall. By majority in South Korea for every stop is a mini shopping center, selling everything would be cosmetic clothing footwear …
South Korean Visa experience:
South Korean Visa, actually not so complicated as rumors, just prepare enough paper required Embassy party as follows:
+ Passport expires on 6 months
+ Visa applicants fill in English or Korean, paste the image white background (His 1st download straight on the page of the EMBASSY
+ ID certified people
+ Labor contract, decided to recruit certified English translation
+ Application for leave (in English) + savings Book worth from 5000 USD, sent before the go 3 months
+ Certificate of English notarial work always (by his own careful this part no fine)
+ Schedule in English as detail as possible.
+ Booking Hotels (book on His web site, select pay then print out submitted to the EMBASSY)
+ Booking plane tickets (also book choose paid post to receive email booking lodging).
Day 3
Initially, we plan to go to Suncheon and scenic photography, but after you tell the front desk this season I have nothing Suncheon decided to spend the day shopping at Myeongdong.

His first visit was the first Church in Myeongdong for a souvenir photograph. Next is to the cosmetics market the busiest Myeongdong Seoul. Here is 1 includes the streets joined together and the cosmetics shop full convergence of brand familiarity in Vietnam as The Face Shop, Missha, Tony Moly, Nike, Adidas, Aldo, so busiest buy guys sale!
In this area, although stores are common brands but will have different promotions to attract visitors. So, should you go for a walk if your shop would sale more or have more good deal then visit and buy!
Not just in this area are also very special dishes, such as the strawberry Mochi cakes, grilled fish, cotton candy Oden, grilled Octopus … with fairly easy to accept. Her ride, see the map, should his shopping lunch in Myeongdong always, because in that diverse food and affordable prices.
Determine today was shopping day so after exploring Lotte, Donghwa Duty Free to the US to buy the famous brands such as Chanel, Ohui, Bobby Brown … because the map exemption in the Donghwa duty free is cheaper than that of Lotte. If the hunt map tax free, then remember it is tax free in the airport will suffer compared to other duty free Center!
The last fun cruise on the 3rd is in the grill right in front of the hotel. The feeling of eating barbecue, drinking Korean film to resemble real Sochu is like.

Some tip for you when it comes to Seoul:
+ Bring real light, but warm. (If you go in winter)
+ Should buy pads hold heat to warm the body. Bring gloves, hats and masks because of the winter weather of Seoul as the cut of meat, leather cut open just where it froze.
+ Be prepared 1 real quiet and warm shoes! It is best to go sports thick because ramps and a density of walking will.
+ If you like cosmetics, please spend time a lot in Myeongdong. Here there are endowed with many a good deal for you to choose from.
+ Don’t be afraid to eat food you like in the streets, because they really are so delicious! But should just be junk food, because if you want to eat breakfast, eat no then you should go, because the price difference is not how much that appetite and are full service drinking water, kimchi.
+ South Korean People could not speak much English but they are very enthusiastic, and benevolent! Some siblings/friends when I ask for directions if they don’t know then get ready the phone out to search, or his guide dedicated to the needs.
+ The cost of eating in HQ relatively high, especially for the barbecue meal. On average a meal of us is 3,000-5,000 won/won/packed.
+ In Seoul is the most fun Thursday and Friday, Saturday and Sunday the out going lines the Café will stay, the young also less out on the street, at home to reunion with the family.
+ If you want to save or take walks and moves and by Metro. You can download the software Subway very easy to use. Just enter the station to the station and go is will have specific instructions to transfer line, down to the train station, very convenient and easy.
+ Each leg go to 3,700 won, as is 3,900 won for 2 people.

+ Should the airport soon, at least 3 hours in advance, because the wide and bustling Incheon Airport, check-in procedures will spend a lot of time because you have to queue in turn. Moreover also must go through the transit bus Concourse to board the plane. His personal travel from 6 in the morning, to the airport at 7 pm so that the new 10-hour check-in is completed.

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