Italy travel – Experience while traveling to Rome, Italy

Travel Italy – The weather in Rome is very beautiful around from March to September, this time is spring and summer, the warm sunshine, suitable for city breaks. Peak season last winter visitors to Rome is 6.7 months. This time the weather is quite hot (above 30 degrees).
Italy is always interesting country attracts the discoveries of many international tourists. Will definitely not have a trip that you are exploring many of the cutting-edge architecture of human history. And to have an Italian trip interesting, appealing, then refer to the instructions in the Italian tourism experience fun, attractive complete set from A to Z below for more experience as well as information about the Italian country beautiful, poetic.

Go to where
– The ruins most concern in Rome including the Arena (Colosseo), Square, Venice and the outdoor museum Foro Italico, the Cathedral of San Pietro and San Paolo, Vatican Museum, Square Garibandi, Guangdong the Navona Square Spain – Spagna, Trevi Fountain (Fontana di Trevi) …
– By Rome you will also visit the Vatican, is a separate country situated between Rome (but without wings great). On the morning of the 4th week, you will have the pleasure to meet the Pope when he had a talk with parishioners.
– Tourism Rome may not need a tour guide to visit because everything is included in a supply line, just carry books like Lonely Planet travel guide is full. City maps are free at the airport and hotel.
Remember not to dip into the fountain. Summer in Rome quite hot, so tourists love to sit and dip the feet in the cool water. This cannot be done. Instead, you can use the public drinking water taps.
Should not throw coins at any water fountain. Should only throw coins and wishes in the phu Trevi station.
Trains in Italy are using the very popular, it’s fast and on time. Buy many tickets that will buy tickets cheaper. You can check the schedule and pricing on the web site of Trenitalia. Make sure you have put the right kind of ships.
Accelerato, regionale and locale is kind of slow trains, stop at all. Diretto, ships are those who go to work are often used, the faster and stop in less than Ben. Espresso is often just run over the main cities while Intercity, Eurocity.
Eurostar is the fastest media type and often have additional charge. With what kind of ship this fast, make sure that you are going up the right ship. At the central station, the long-distance trains can be divided into two or more branch towards different destinations.
Shopping – tax refund
– Monetary circulation is the Euro.
– Go to Rome, the shopping items of high value you will be refunded at the airport to 20%. Remember to fill out the inquiry form “Tax refund” at the store. Only applies to travelers not belonging to the EU area. Duty free goods in Rome airport is also quite cheap, less than 10% compared to some other countries in Europe like Germany and France.
– In Rome Outlet stores also have famous brand name products, the price is only 30-70% are scattered from downtown.
Hotels, stay

-If you go self-sufficient, rent cheap hotel in Rome is not easy, as the peak tourist season. The cheapest is the youth hostels-youth hostel-about 20-25 euro/person/night (with breakfast). The accommodation has facilities to a minimum (usually bunk beds, mixed men and women, w/c and a shared bath accommodations). This type of accommodation is usually young choice due to cheap, making fun. Also if the focus or rest facilities, the accommodation is not a good option.
-If there is credit card international payment, accommodation can be booked here:
-Should book the room in advance for the initiative because the hotels and hostels in Rome are often overloaded and quite expensive, especially during the peak tourist season. Should also print out a list of about 10 to miss the address to where the problem or what changes there are other place instead.
-In addition, there is 1 way to cheap motel room rental in Roma. You contact the Vietnam Trade Office in Rome, asking rent rooms. They have several rooms devoted to welcoming guests from Vietnam to his spare room, when they also offer for tourists (mostly Free) overnight rental. The prices are about 15-20 euros/person/night.
Business VN address in Rome:
Vietnam trade in the Republic of Italy
Address: VIA PO, 22-int. 16-00198 ROME-ITALY
Tel: 39-06-8413913, Fax: 39-06-8414072
-You should find any hotel near Central Station (Roma Termini) is the most convenient, just ride from the airport into the city, just go play that hotels in this area also is cheaper in the central zone.
Eat drink
-In Rome and then eating without disturbing stories, good food. You can go to the restaurant, many good restaurants, menu prices & view attention outside before. Save the pizza, not needed in restaurants because there are many brands of pizza everywhere, about 4-5 EUR/person 1 lunch is no stretch.
-You should try butter mixed rice dishes (risotto) but please note risotto cooked with rice, never an inch of chin despite security how long should you feel while eating eat to live, don’t fit the familiar Vietnam people eat rice cooked. The noodles (Spagetti) also only cook chin to, should in General not suited to Asians because the noodles are feeling alive. So, want to be serving this dish according to the preferences of the specific requirements to Vietnam with the restaurant when booking.
-The cheapest eating often is when you stand eating outside or at the counter. In the table in the restaurant is usually more expensive. Outdoor seating, especially in the tourist attractions like Piazza San Marco, can cost a lot of money.
-Avoid the menu for visitors. In tourist spots in the city center of Rome there are many trap menu for visitors. Can go to the supermarket or the local market as the local people to find snacks or fresh fruit.


Museums are usually closed on Mondays. The main vacation include: Christmas, new year, Easter, Epiphany (6 January), Freedom Day (25 April), labour day (1 May), national day (2 June), Farragosto day (15 August), the Saints (1 November) and days of the Virgin (8 December).

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