Cuisine Myanmar – These delicious, cheap and unique in Myanmar

Myanmar cuisine in General and the dish unique and fascinating streets could not not try when traveling to Myanmar has always caused unexpected traveller and enjoy. Please join us to travel to Myanmar to explore and enjoy the delicious and famous Yangon streets.

Myanmar has little culinary culinary influence of China and India but still flavor of traditional cuisine of the Shan – most crowded nation of Myanmar. Continuing the series of articles on Myanmar travel, we are pleased to introduce to you about the cuisine of Myanmar – The delicious food, unique characteristics and can not be missed when traveling Myanmar.
These unique and delicious, typical of the cuisine of Myanmar
Types of salads-snacks, unique and famous of Myanmar
Mentioning the delicious dish, featured and famous can not miss when traveling to Myanmar impossible not to mention the kind of salar, especially green tea salad and tomato salad green.
Salad-tasty Dishes characteristic popular cuisine of Myanmar cannot not enjoy when traveling to Myanmar
Any visitors to Myanmar must also enjoy green tea salad, this dish brings quite a lot of surprise and amaze people eat first to see it. Prompted to salad, people will think of snacks to have the vegetables mixed together and have the characteristic green color. But green tea salad had brown yellow quite special.

Fermented tea leaves have a slightly bitter taste and sour mix together cabbage, Julienne tomato, beans, small fried and breaded Golden roasted peanuts, when eating for a bit more spicy peppers and garlic oil. However, the delicious dishes of famous popular Myanmar are considered a stimulant, can cause drowsiness, so the dining experience, cheap travel, Myanmar explore special cuisine then you should not eat too much of this dish.
Green tea salad-a unique and fascinating dishes should try once when travel Myanmar
In addition, if on occasion visiting Inle Lake travel Myanmar self-sufficient, you don’t miss the Green Tomato salad-popular snacks, unique of the Lake Inle, Myanmar.
Shan rice-traditional dishes, typical of the Shan State in Myanmar
Just as Vietnam’s ethnic Shan, is the nation’s highest rate of population of Myanmar. They not only have the culture-long history and excellent cuisine but also has the best features. And delicious dishes of traditional cuisine of the ethnic Shan can not ignore when traveling to Myanmar Shan rice is.
Shan rice-traditional dishes, characteristic of the ethnic Shan should eat when MyanmarCơm Shan travel – traditional dishes, characteristic of the ethnic Shan should eat when traveling to Myanmar
Shan rice-traditional dishes, characteristic of the ethnic Shan should eat when traveling to Myanmar
Shan rice like a rice mix, with rice cooked with water and served with crispy fried fish coated in spicy, roasted peanuts and some vegetables according to the season. Sometimes, the fish can be replaced with chicken or simply just below the more garlic oil, clove leaf and crispy fried pork skin. Characteristic and attractive cuisine of Myanmar have to eat is usually served with fried roll and spicy sauce.
Myanmar-Myanmar tourism Curry enjoying the delicacies characteristic
Curry is the typical dish of Oriental style and a taste of traditional cuisine of Myanmar to be present in any bars, restaurants from casual to classy in Myanmar. There are many kinds of curry Myanmar for you to choose as the main ingredients, such as chicken, beef, pork, lamb or seafood … A curry is often served with rice, soup, fresh vegetables, salads, fried vegetables and other herbs.
According to the experience of enjoying the delicacies characteristic when traveling to Myanmar, you should try to eat the Curry Cook together onion and eaten with rice, green tea salad, and crispy fried tofu. Quite delicious.
The delicious pastries-types of unique and attractive travel best when Myanmar should try
If Vietnam had Japanese Udon noodle, noodle, Malaysia has Laska, Singapore had the Mee, then Burma also has many kinds of pastas to enjoy.
If the Shan tofu bread is the traditional pastries of Myanmar with the golden wheat fibers, the tofu slices nursery made from lentils and chickpeas, sweet bar water chan greasy. Then the dried noodles Nan Gyi Thoke back charm you with the yarn pieces to a mix together broth or vegetable Curry, served with boiled eggs, fish, meat, and fiber ceiling price tore the SOAP.
And sure, you also have to take the time to enjoy more tofu noodles, a dish and the most exotic cuisine of Myanmar could not eat. How to cook this bread does not resemble its name, which is the green bean porridge covered the wheat fibers, when eating will stir up and eaten with spicy marinated pork or chicken meat, green vegetables, chili …
And if you don’t know the Myanmar tourism breakfast with something delicious, no abdomen Mohinga, a traditional breakfast dish characteristic of Myanmar is a perfect suggestion for you.
You can find and enjoy delicious pastries, traditional, unique feature of Myanmar when traveling this self-sufficiency in any markets, vendors, car shop in Myanmar regardless of day or night.
The junk food and drink famous streets of Myanmar
Yagon market and Bagan is the address street Myanmar cuisine that you can find and enjoy any junk food or drink of Myanmar.
The common Street snacks and famous can’t eat when traveling to Myanmar
People of Myanmar enjoyed the snack made from rice flour dumplings and crispy fried in grease. Thus, the typical snacks and appeal of Myanmar are quite so tired and bored quickly. However, you could have eaten them with sweet and sour sauce and Lime juice-lemon juice, a delicious drink, the popular and famous Myanmar to solve with edible and more.

The city street snacking dish not to be missed when traveling to Myanmar including as: tea milk Tea Mix, buns red beans and green beans, fried rolls, doughnuts, fried bread, and. and a variety of other fried fried. Let’s travel to Myanmar and enjoy slowly.

The delicious cuisine, unique, characteristic and famous can’t enjoy when traveling to Myanmar on this is just a small part of the world cuisine of Myanmar. If given the Myanmar tourism in the future, remember to enjoy and share with us the dish not yet named in the list of the delicious and appealing in Myanmar on here.

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